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Crail Round IV

Fourth Generation

15.  Daisy Crail130 (Albert R.-3, John V.-2, James-1) was born on 2 Apr 1883 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.78,131 She died about 25 May 1915 at the age of 32 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.130 She was buried on 25 May 1915 in Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.130 Daisy was also known as Daisy Benjamin.130

Daisy Crail and Clarimond M. Benjamin were married on 23 Nov 1904 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.130,132 Clarimond M. Benjamin130, son of Oscar Benjamin and Rachel [Benjamin], was born in Jun 1883 in Indiana.133 He died about 17 Sep 1909 at the age of 26 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.130 He was buried on 17 Sep 1909 in Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.130

Clarimond M. Benjamin and Daisy Crail had the following child:

                              i.   Clarimond M. Benjamin Jr.72 was born about 1908 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.72

16.  Bessie M. Crail78 (Albert R.-3, John V.-2, James-1) was born on 1 Apr 1885 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.78,134 The Wilsons were living in the household of William C. Kapper in 1920. A Bessie Wilson was a housekeeper for a Greek hotel chef named Ames Voreyz [sp?] in 1930. [Roll 11611, p. 10A, Indianapolis Ward 7.]
Bessie, residing at 2143 Jackson, Indianapolis, was given as "person of contact" for both Earl and Mulford Crail on their WWII Draft Registration Cards in 1942.

There is a Bessie Mae Wilson buried in Crown Hill Cemetery [Section 100 Lot 306] on 27 April 1981. [Crown Hill online burial locator]This could well be the right Bessie Crail.

Bessie M. Crail and Isaac N. Wilson were married on 18 Jun 1919 in Marion Co., Indiana.134 Isaac N. Wilson135 was born on 27 Feb 1887 in Indiana.134 Isaac Neal Wilson's WWI Draft Registration Card [] gives his birth date as 27 February 1881. This coincides with the age given for Isaac N. Wilson [38 - b. 1881/2] in 1930. The year of 1887 may well have been misread by the indexer of the marriage record.
Isaac died before 1930, since Bessie was listed as a widow in 1930.

17.  Earl Albert Crail78,136137 (Albert R.-3, John V.-2, James-1) was born on 4 May 1887 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.78,138 He died on 1 Jul 1946 at the age of 59 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., California.137 Earl was an auto mechanic. He worked as a mechanic for various auto companies in Indianapolis and Detroit. According to Earl's WWI Draft Registration card he served as a private in the 2nd Indiana Infantry.
The WWI draft card also had a note that he was "now serving time at the workhouse in Indianapolis." An article appeared in the
Fort Wayne News on 28 March 1916 that shed light on the situation. Judge Frank J. Lehr, in a juvenile court case, found Earl Crail guilty of child neglect for excessive smoking! Crail testified that he had smoked 50 cigarettes per day for 15 days. This, in the opinion of Judge Lehr, violated the child neglect statute and Mr. Crail was sent to the workhouse. [Fort Wayne News, 28 March 1916,]
Earl's World War II Draft Registration Card [] gave his address as Hotel Knox, 76 3rd Street, San Francisco, California.

Earl died in Los Angeles in 1946.
Earl Albert Crail and Mary Florence Foster were married on 10 Sep 1908 in Marion Co., Indiana.139 Mary Florence Foster was born on 25 May 1887 in Indiana.139

Earl Albert Crail and Mary Florence Foster had the following child:

                              i.   Earl Albert Crail Jr.140 was born about Oct 1909 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.

18.  Howard John "John Howard" Crail78,141 (Albert R.-3, John V.-2, James-1) was born on 6 Mar 1889 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.78,142 First and middle name are in question here. Records show him as both Howard John and John Howard. Also in question is Howard's place of birth. The 1900 census gives his birthplace as Indiana. The 1920 and 1930 censuses list Kentucky. The WWI Draft Registration Card gives Howard's birthplace as Louisville, Kentucky.
His father was not listed in the 1890 city directory for Indianapolis, but oversights were common.

Howard was a chauffeur for C.W. Goldsbury in 1917. The family was living at the Metropole Hotel in Indianapolis. Shortly after Ioleen's birth the family moved to Detroit where Howard worked as a machinist for an auto parts company for several years.Violet's parents and brother, Ray, were living with them in 1930.[Roll 1069, p. 45B]
Howard John "John Howard" Crail and Violet Smart were married on 12 Sep 1911 in Marion Co., Indiana.143 Violet Smart, daughter of John H. Smart and Tilla J. [Smart], was born on 26 Mar 1888 in Indiana.143

Howard John Crail and Violet Smart had the following child:

                              i.   Ioline\Illean Crail was born about Oct 1919 in Indiana.141

19.  Maude Crail78 (Albert R.-3, John V.-2, James-1) was born on 21 May 1892 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.78,144
Maude Crail and Frank Young were married on 25 Apr 1914 in Marion Co., Indiana.144 Frank Young144 was born on 4 Jun 1877 in Indiana.

20.  Mulford Frank Crail78,145146 (Albert R.-3, John V.-2, James-1) was born on 30 Sep 1896 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.78,80,147 [Marion Co. Birth records show 1900 as year of birth.] He died in Dec 1965 at the age of 69 in Indiana.148 Mulford Crail worked for Dilline Candy Company in 1917 and was a route superintendent for a laundry company in 1930.
Mulford Frank Crail and Myrtle Altmeyer were married on 16 Oct 1918 in Marion Co., Indiana.147 Myrtle Altmeyer147 was born on 20 Sep 1898 in Indiana.

Mulford Frank Crail and Myrtle Altmeyer had the following children:

                              i.   Thelma Crail was born about 1920 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.146

                             ii.   Alberta Crail was born about 1922 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.146

                            iii.   Mulford Crail Jr. was born about 1924 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.146

                            iv.   Richard Crail was born about Jul 1927 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.146

Mulford Frank Crail and Selina Ida Williams were married.149 Selina Ida Williams was born on 24 Mar 1901 in Kentucky.150 She died on 4 Jun 1976 at the age of 75 in Sunman, Ripley Co., Indiana.150

Mulford Frank Crail and Selina Ida Williams had the following child:

                              i.   Brenda Crail was adopted.149

21.  Celia Gall32 (Mary E. Crail-3, John V.-2, James-1) was born on 8 Jun 1885 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.32,87 She was also known as Celia Nevins.85

Celia Gall and Thomas Nevins were married about 1905 in Marion Co., Indiana.85 Thomas Nevins85 was born about 1879 in England.85

Thomas Nevins and Celia Gall had the following child:

                              i.   C. Frances Nevins85 was born about 1906 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.85

22.  Leola Gall87 (Mary E. Crail-3, John V.-2, James-1) was born on 3 Jan 1889 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.87 She was also known as Leola Haddock.85

Leola Gall and Frank Haddock were married about 1910 in New York or Indiana.85 Frank Haddock85 was born about 1874 in Iowa.85

Frank Haddock and Leola Gall had the following children:

           28              i.   M. Celia Haddock, born abt 1911, New York; married _____ Severs, abt 1929.

                             ii.   Muriel Haddock85 was born about 1914 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.85

                            iii.   John Haddock151 was born about 1921 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.151

23.  Ralph Albert Gall87 (Mary E. Crail-3, John V.-2, James-1) was born on 1 Mar 1895 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.87 He died about 6 Apr 1944 at the age of 49 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.83

Ralph Albert Gall and Mary Downey were married on 27 Sep 1924 in Marion Co., Indiana.123 Mary Downey123 was also known as Mary Gall.123

24.  Harry Everett Crail45,152158 (James-3, Aaron S.-2, James-1) was born on 11 May 1885 in Miami Co., Indiana.153,159161 Death certificate gives year of birth as 1884. He died as the result of a fractured skull on 30 Aug 1937 at the age of 52 in Muncie, Delaware Co., Indiana.45,153154 He was buried on 2 Sep 1937 in Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana.162 Harry was the eldest of the three surviving Crail children. He married Pearl Malloy in Decatur Co., Indiana in 1902. The couple had three children, Gilbert, Marcus, and Helen.
Harry followed the family migration from Shelbyville to Chicago to Indianapolis. He was working with sheet metal at the ship yard at Newport News, Virginia in 1920. On his World War I Draft Registration Card in 1918, Harry noted that he had only his thumb and one finger remaining on his right hand. He and Pearl divorced in 1920. He married Lola May Fellows IN 1921. Harry and Lola went there separate ways IN 1929. He married Gertrude Bettner on 11 July 1929. She had two sons from previous marriages.

Gertrude worked for Harry's brother-in-law, Charles McHugh, in his toy shop at Universal Tool and Die. This was during the late '20s when the popular "Putt-Putt Boat" was still in production.

For a time, Harry had a farm near Fairland, Indiana. Gilbert and Marcus Crail and George and Jack McHugh entertained themselves by soaking chicken feed with alcohol and getting the barnyard birds drunk.

The Crails moved to Muncie by 1936, although Harry may have preceded Gertrude and her boys. He was listed in the 1936 Muncie Directory as rooming at 310 S. Madison. The 1937 directory showed Harry and Gertrude residing at 212 E. Willard. He was listed as a sheet metal worker for the Chevrolet Division of General Motors. The '38 entry showed Gertrude as a widow.

Harry was a maintenance foreman at the Chevrolet plant. The company workers were on strike on 29 August 1937; when Harry and some other foremen went in to do some maintenance work during the strike. He fell from from a ladder and suffered a fractured skull. He died the next day. Family members were told that Harry was pushed from the ladder by a striker. [The witness, fearing reprisal if he came forward, never reported the incident to officials.] Harry's remains were returned to Indianapolis for burial. His nephews George, Jack, Charles, were among the pallbearers at Holy Cross Cemetery in Indianapolis.

At the time of Harry's death, Gertrude's youngest son was still a minor. Gertrude was appointed guardian of her 15 year-old son, Edward W. Bettner. A guardian's bond was issued on 25 September 1937 with Standard Accident Insurance Company of Detroit, Michigan as surety. Edward had no real estate and his personal property was valued at about $1000.

A Delaware County Order Book entry [2219] for 27 September 1937 stated that Gertrude had petitioned the court to grant the authority to enter into agreement with the Chevrolet-Muncie Division of the General Motors Corporation, subject to the approval of the State Industrial Board, to pay her, as Edward's guardian, $8.25 per week for 300 weeks as compensation for the accidental death of Harry E. Crail, while an employee of said company.

The "Petition to make and execute a contract for the settlement of compensation" was dealt with during the September Term of the Circuit Court. It stated that Harry E. Crail, an employee of the Chevrolet-Muncie GM plant, was injured on 29 August 1937 and died from said injuries on 30 August 1937. He left a widow and a step-son, both living with the decedent at the time of his death. The employer was offering to pay the petitioner and her ward as compensation the sum of $16.50 per week for 300 weeks, in equal parts, subject to the approval of the State Industrial Board. The petitioner "prays the court to authorize her to enter into an agreement with said company to pay her as such guardian for said ward the sum of $8.25 per week as such compensation..."

The case came before the court again during the April Term, 1939. Gertrude swore before the court that the compensation agreement with Chevrolet-Muncie had not been carried out. Standard Accident Insurance Company had agreed to to release her from the payment of any premium on her bond if she filed a report and resignation. Gertrude also stated that she had moved to Rural Route #7, Box 76, Indianapolis, Indiana. [dated 14 September 1939]

There was no further record of the petition in the probate file.

Of note, Harry's 1929 marriage application gives his father James' birthplace as Bunker Hill, Indiana. Unless Aaron and Catherine Crail were visiting or residing in Miami County, Indiana within months of their marriage, this seems to be in error. All other records have James born in Marion County.

Harry Everett Crail and Pearl Ethel Malloy were married on 29 Jul 1902 in Greensburg, Decatur, Indiana, United States.10,163 Pearl Ethel Malloy, daughter of Patrick Malloy and Clara Peck, was born about 1886 in Shelbyville, Shelby, Indiana, United States.164 Although the 1920 census states that Pearl was born "at sea," her marriage records place her birth in Shelbyville, Indiana. Other census records also place her birth in Indiana. She died in 1964 at the age of 78 in Holmes Co., Ohio, United States.165 She was also known as Pearl Crail.10

Harry Everett Crail and Pearl Ethel Malloy had the following children:

           29              i.   Gilbert Everett Crail, born 3 Jun 1902, Shelbyville, Shelby Co., Indiana; married Pauline B. Boling, 13 Mar 1936, Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, United States; died 11 Mar 1970, Hillsborough Co., Florida.

           30             ii.   Marcus Crail, born 24 May 1905, Shelbyville, Shelby Co., Indiana; married Louise [Crail], abt 1927, Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.

           31            iii.   Helen Crail, born 27 Feb 1907, Shelbyville, Shelby Co., Indiana; married Bernard Hines, abt 1926, Ohio.

Harry Everett Crail and Lola May Patterson were married on 8 Oct 1921 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.166 Lola May Patterson10,167169, daughter of James Patterson and Josephine Summa, was born in Jul 1879 in Louisville, Jefferson Co., Kentucky.170 She died on 19 Nov 1963 at the age of 84 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, United States.169 Lola was buried at Washington Park East Cemetery [Section D, Lot 30, Space 4] in Warren Twp., Marion Co., IN. The nearest relative was given Mary Ann Dockery.

Harry Everett Crail and Lola May Patterson had the following child:

           32              i.   Mary Jane Crail, born 9 Dec 1928, Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, United States; married Leonard Leon Featherston(e), 9 May 1956, Hamilton Co., Indiana, United States.

Harry Everett Crail and Gertrude Margarite Kassenbrock were married on 11 Jul 1929 in Hendricks Co., Indiana.158,171 Gertrude Margarite Kassenbrock172174, daughter of Henry Edward Kassenbrock and Mary Josephine Kraig, was born on 22 Mar 1894 in Louisville, Jefferson Co., Kentucky.152,173,175 She died on 7 Jan 1986 at the age of 91 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.162,173 She was buried on 9 Jan 1986 in Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana.176 Gertrude is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery with her parents, younger brother Paul, and husband Harry Crail.
The Kentucky Birth Colledtion 1852-1999 [] shows the recording of a birth of John A. Kassenbrock on 27 February 1915 in Jefferson Co., Kentucky to a Gertrude Kassenbrock. [Vo. 22, Certificate # 10523 - yr - 1915]

This birth is very close to the estimated birth of Gertrude's son, John Wooldridge. His estimated birth from the 1930 census was 1915 or 1916.

25.  Pansy Nell Crail177178 (James-3, Aaron S.-2, James-1) was born on 26 Nov 1886 in Miami Co., Indiana.179180 Marriage application gives Kokomo as place of birth. She died on 29 Jul 1979 at the age of 92 in Winston-Salem, Forsyth Co., North Carolina.181 NC Deaths & Burials 1898-1994 [family search record pilot] gives death date as 28 July 1979. She was also known as Pansy Nell Tierney.182 The Tierney clan were characters. The family had a vacation house on Badin Lake, bordering the Uwharrie Forest southeast of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. We visited the place frequently during the 1950s and early 1960s. "Aunt Pans" was a wonderful person and quite a card player. Son James was a big, good-natured fellow and his wife, Katherine had the thickest Southern accent that I have ever heard. She was from Mobile, Alabama.
Granddaughter Phyllis was an artistic "nut", she called me "Ter, the terrible Turk."
  I have no idea why! I last saw them in December of 1970 at their home on Treasure Island in St. Petersburg, Florida. All were well and had not changed from the early days.
Fond memories accompany the visits to North Carolina. I went on many "b'ar huntin' expeditions" in the woods across the road from the lake-front home. Hours were spent floating on inner tubes in the lake, fishing from the boathouse and dock, and stopping at the bait house-grocery for Cokes. I even made several attempts to "walk across the lake" - all unsuccessful.
The Tierney family moved back to Winston-Salem after the death of James in 1976. Aunt Pans was 92 when she died in 1979 and was buried at Forsyth Memorial Park..

Pansy Nell Crail and James Franklin Tierney were married on 10 Sep 1907 in Shelby Co., Indiana, United States.180 James Franklin Tierney178,183184, son of Martin J. Tierney and Barbara O'Connor/Conners, was born on 16 Sep 1878 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States.183,185 He was born on 16 Oct 1881 in Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts.180,186 He died on 22 Mar 1950 at the age of 68 in Dobbs Co., North Carolina.181 James Tierney was born in Boston, Massachusetts to Martin Tierney and Barbara O'Conner/Conners. For most of his life, James thought his birthdate was 16 October 1881. This was the date he gave on his marriage application, WWI and WWII draft registrations and other documents. When he applied for Social Security, James was denied. He then wrote to Boston for proof of age and learned that he was actually born on 16 September 1878.
James' youngest son, Gene, was in high school at the time and came home to find his father lying on the couch. Gene asked his mother what was wrong and was informed that James had just learned that he was two years older than he thought he was and was catching up on rest.

James married Pansy Nell Crail in Shelby Co., Indiana in 1907. The couple had two sons James Martin and Gene Edward.* The Tierneys lived in Shelby Co. until about 1930 when they were in Mobile, Alabama where James managed the Sundown Tourist Camp.¹ They were living in Dummerston, Vermont [just north of Brattleboro] from at least 1932-1936. ² By 1940, the family had relocated to Winston-Salem, North Carolina. James was a general contractor there.³ He died at City General Hospital in Winston-Salem in 1950 at the age of 71. Both James and Pansy were buried at Forsyth Memorial Park in Winston-Salem.

*According to Charles McHugh, the Tierneys may have had a third son, Edward, born between 1916 and 1920 near Acton, Franklin Twp., Maruon Co., Indiana.

¹US City Derectories 1821-1989: 1930 Mobile, Alabama City Directory: Tierney, James (Pansy) mgr Sundown Tourist Camp h Hall's Mill rd nr Fulton rd. []
²US City Directories 1821-1989: 1932, 1934, 1936 Brattleboro, Vermont City Directories: Tierney, John F. (Pansy) h Dummerston, PO Box Brattlesboro RD5 (1932) and RD 1 (1934 & 1936)[]
³1940 US Federal Census: Winston-Salem, Forsythe, NC, T627_2909, p. 26B, ED 34-35 [James Teirney][]

James Franklin Tierney and Pansy Nell Crail had the following children:

           33              i.   James Tierney, born 19 Nov 1908, Indiana; married Katherine McCary, abt 1931; died Feb 1976, Treasure Island, Pinellas Co., Florida.

           34             ii.   Eugene E. Tierney, born 19 Oct 1922, Shelbyville, Shelby, Indiana, United States; married Darline Willard, 1941–1943, North Carolina; died 28 Apr 2009, Sumter, Sumter, South Carolina, United States.

26.  Bess Catherine Crail60 (James-3, Aaron S.-2, James-1) was born on 13 Jul 1891 in Kokomo, Howard Co., Indiana.187 She died on 20 Sep 1952 at the age of 61 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.187188 She was buried on 22 Sep 1952 in Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.187 Bess was also known as Bess Catherine McHugh.94 Grandma Mc Hugh looked after her grandson very well. According to Mom, she was bedridden toward the last and I would take refuge behind her bed when necessary. She wouldn't let Mom lay a hand on her grandson. Mom was surprised that Bessie was so open to her son Frank bringing his "girlfriend" when visiting Indy.

Bess Catherine Crail and Charles Joseph Mc Hugh Sr. were married on 7 Jan 1910 in Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois.94 Charles Joseph Mc Hugh Sr.45,5859,189191, son of James Mc Hugh and Louisa Wagner, was born on 20 Mar 1887 in Shullsburg, Lafayette Co., Wisconsin.192 He was baptized on 20 Mar 1887 in Shullsburg, Lafayette Co., Wisconsin.192193 He died on 5 Mar 1954 at the age of 66 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.192,194 Charles was buried on 8 Mar 1954 in Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.192 Charles McHugh was born in Shullsburg, Wisconsin in 1887 to James and Louisa [Wagner] McHugh. Louisa moved the family to Chicago in 1904, where she died two years later.
While in Chicago, Charles pitched for a semi-pro baseball team, the Chicago Porters, sponsored by the Chicago White Sox. Although he chose marriage over baseball, Charles remained a life-long White Sox fan.

Charles was working with brother Frank at Western Electric in Chicago when he married Bess Crail in 1910. They moved in with Bess's parents and grandmother. Brother George also boarded with the Crails. The McHughs, now with infant son George, moved to Indianapolis in 1911. He bought
  Universal Tool and Die at an auction in 1912 and ran it until the Depression hit in 1930. Universal produced tools and dies, auto parts, and toys [including a popular putt-putt boat] in its metal stamping division.
On 8 February 1915, Charles applied for a patent for a power propelled boat. The "Putt-Putt Boat"* was made of thin sheet metal and a pipe to allow steam to escape. The invention consisted of "a conduit having one open end to be immersed in water and another open end inclosed in a steam boiler whereby the water is alternatively drawn into the conduit and forcibly expelled therefrom to produce power..." The patent [#1,200,960] was issued 10 October 1916. The "Putt-Putt" was produced by the H-K Toy and Novelty Co. of Indianapolis. The boat became a tremendously popular item in the years after World War I.**

A second patent was applied for on 25 June 1924 by Charles McHugh and Durward Rivers. The second patent called for modifications and improvements in the original design of and method of propulsion for the "putt-putt" boat. Patent # 1,596,934 was issued by the U.S. Patent Office for the power-propelled boat on 24 August 1926.

The family made a trip back to Shullsburg for the 4th of July celebration in 1925. Charles had been doing well in business in Indianapolis [the "putt-putt boat] and, as the "hometown boy made good", was made the grand marshal of the holiday parade, which included making a speech at the town party and picnic. The speech-making was apparently quite an ordeal for him, which his wife thoroughly enjoyed. After the celebration
  the crew [Charles, Bessie, son Charles, and daughter Ruthjane] headed for home in their seven passenger, soft top National touring car. The trip, mostly on dirt roads, was plagued by three or four flat tires and heavy rains. Side curtains were added to keep out the rain. The family arrived in Indianapolis wet, cold, dirty, and worn out.
The Stock Market Crash of 1929 took its toll on the McHughs. Charles lost his business and the family moved to Vermont in mid-1930. Bess's sister, Pansy Tierney and her family had gone there in 1929.

The children attended a one-room [grades 1-8] schoolhouse. There were 15 students in the school. Mrs. Bradbury, a graduate of Boston College, was the teacher. Son Charles was the only 6th grader, so he was promoted to 7th grade.

Charles was unable to start a self-sustaining business and moved back to Indiana.

In 1932 he suffered serious physical injuries and was unable to work for three years. In 1937, Charles started Indianapolis Tool and Die, which he operated until 1942. Then he and sons George and John started up the Craftsman Tool and Engineering Co. at 34th and College Ave. in Indianapolis. They ran Craftsman until the end of World War II. During the last two years of his working life Charles ran a small shop behind his house at 864 S. Belmont. Among the area businessmen that he did work for were Art and Gaston Chevrolet.

When daughter Ruthjane decided to get married, Charles hired his future son-in-law and taught him the tool and die business.

One night a week he would invite two of the local priests over to the house to drink beer and discuss religion, politics, and other topics. Neither cleric was able to get him to attend Sunday services.

Although raised Catholic, Charles left the choice of church affiliation, if any, to his children. He had been forced to go to church as a youngster and felt that decision was best left up to the individual family member.

One night after leaving his shop, Charles was headed for his car when he spotted a white cloth sticking out of a car door. He freed the cloth and found it to be a hood of the type worn by the local Klansmen. Inside the hood was a list of members of the KKK. The next day those members who were employed by the shop were fired. Not long after the incident, a "rally was held in his honor." Enraged, Charles went out to confront the Klansmen and was restrained by police officers who had arrived on the scene.

In another instance, members of a church near the McHugh home frequently parked their cars in front of the house and blocked the driveway. Charles eventually got fed up with the inconvenience and went about amending the problem. He marched in on services on Sunday morning and told the people that they had best find new parking facilities, or else. They did.

Bess died in September of 1952 and Charles died in March of 1954. Charles J. McHugh is buried at Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis next to his wife, Bessie. The marker was put on the site by his two youngest children, Charles and Ruthjane. Sons George [1957] and Jack [1977], as well as Bess's grandmother, Catharine Crail, and parents, James and Mima Crail are also buried at Crown Hill.

*The boat got its name from the sound it made as it chugged through the water.

**One of the youngsters who enjoyed the "putt-putt boat" was Charles McHugh's future son-in-law, Hugh Prall. Pop said the boat was about five inches long. It was probably one of the models based on the design from the 1926 patent.

Charles Joseph Mc Hugh and Bess Catherine Crail had the following children:

           35              i.   George Walter [Pete] Mc Hugh, born 31 Oct 1910, Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois; married Frances Laura Gross, May 1934, Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana; married Ruth Roman, 1955, Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana; died 4 Jul 1957, Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.

           36             ii.   John Patrick "Jack" Mc Hugh, born 7 Feb 1916, Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana; married Marion Adams, 7 Aug 1937, Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana; died 20 Sep 1977, Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.

           37            iii.   Charles Joseph [Mutt] Mc Hugh Jr., born 30 Nov 1919, Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana; married Janet M. Malarkey \ Malarky, 20 Jun 1942, Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.

           38            iv.   Ruthjane Mc Hugh, born 25 Aug 1921, Southport, Marion Co., Indiana; married Hugh Charles Prall, 23 Aug 1940, Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana; died 20 Jul 2000, Bonita Springs, Lee Co., Florida.

27.  David Nolan49,107,195201 (Martha Crail-3, Aaron S.-2, James-1) was born on 28 Jul 1882 in Peru, Miami Co., Indiana.106,115,197199 Birth year given as 1882 with Church, 1883 with Benner. He died on 25 Jul 1937 at the age of 54 in Kansas City, Jackson Co., Missouri.198199 David Nolan was born in Peru, Miami Co., Indiana in 1882, although his Treasury Department personnel page gives Indianapolis as his birthplace.
David was enumerated twice in the 1900 census. He was recoded with his mother and step-father [Wm. L. Church] and with the Benners, his aunt and uncle. Both enumerations were taken on 4 June 1900. The Church entry gave his year of birth as 1882 and the Benner entry as 1883.

David Nolan moved from Peru, Indiana to St. Charles, Missouri, where he and Nellie Pool were married in January of 1910. St. Charles was a temporary stay for the Nolans. St. Louis, Kansas City, and a brief stay in the Nation's capital were on the horizon.

David Nolan registered for the World War I draft on 12 September 1918. He was a police sergeant. Nolan named his wife Nellie as nearest relative and their residence as 301 Doore St., St. Louis, Missouri. He was described as tall with brown eyes and dark brown hair.

His record as a policeman must have been extremely impressive. A major career change came on 12 December 1919 when Nolan was appointed an Inspector for the St. Louis office of the Internal Revenue Service. Inspector Nolan was transferred to the Narcotic Field Service on 1 March 1920 and back to the IRS on 17 November of that same year.

He was a Special Agent with the Special Intelligence Unit until 1924, when he was promoted to Special Agent in Charge. In that capacity, he and Special Agent Robert L. Sharp investigated charges of alledged corruption by IRS officials in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in 1925. A handful of officials were found to be in violation of Civil Service law violations.

Nolan witnessed a letter written by his grandmother to the pension office on 16 July 1926. His address was given as Room 239, Treasury Building, Washington, D.C.

By 1928, Agent Nolan was running the Kanas City Division. David was listed as an Intelligence Agent for the US Treasury Department in the 1930 census.

Kokomo Tribune [Indiana] mentioned the Nolan family twice. On 6 August 1931, an item mentioned the Nolans having visited the Charles Martin family. [p. 14] The second item was from the 28 July 1932 issue of the paper. The LOA club pajama party had been hosted by Mrs. George Pool. Mrs. David Nolan and Mary Jane Nolan of Kansas City and Mrs. Charles Martin were guests. [p. 5]
[George Pool was Nellie's brother and Mrs. Martin their mother.]

In 1928, Frank Wilson, chief of the Special Intellegence Unit for the Bureau of Internal Revenue, was assigned to the Al Capone case. Agents from Chicago, Washington, New York, Leavenworth [KS], Miami, and St. Louis were involved in indicting Capone om income tax evasion charges and bringing other members of the Capone Mob to justice. In 1931, Scarface Al Capone was sent to prison after the agents discovered a cash receipts ledger that named the mobster.* Among the agents working on the case was David Nolan.

His 26 July 1937 obituary from the
Kokomo [Indiana] Tribune reads as follows:
"Noted Federal Agent Dies: [Kansas City, July 25] David Nolan, internal revenue agent credited with obtaining evidence which helped send Al Capone, Chicago gangster, to Alcatraz federal prison for income tax evasion, died here today of a complication of diseases. He was born July 28, 1882, at Peru, Ind."
David Nolan was under doctor's care for a variety of liver, stomach and lung ailments from 20 July 1937 until his death on  25 July 1937. He was buried in Memorial Park Cemetery in Kansas City on the 27th. Nelle had preceeded him in death in 1933 and was also buried in Memorial Park.
*Summary of Wilson - Capone data gleaned from several internet sites.
David Nolan and Nell \ Nelle Marvel "Nellie" Pool were married on 4 Jan 1910 in St. Charles, St. Charles Co., Missouri.107,202 Nell \ Nelle Marvel "Nellie" Pool199,203, daughter of John P. Pool and Florence A. Ridnon \ Redman, was born on 10 Mar 1890 in Indiana.107,200,204 She died on 12 Aug 1933 at the age of 43 in St. Luke's Hospital, Kansas City, Jackson Co., Missouri.200

David Nolan and Nell \ Nelle Marvel Pool had the following children:

           39              i.   Thelma Nolan, born abt 1911, St. Louis, St. Louis Co., Missouri; married Manfred H. Nealey, 14 Jun 1930, Kansas City, Jackson Co., Missouri.

                             ii.   Mary Jane Nolan was born about 1921 in St. Louis, St. Louis Co., Missouri.196

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