Friday, April 22, 2016

When to Double-check Sources!

A few suggestions on when to double-check sources:

1. Grandpa [b. 1820] and Grandma [b. 1802] were married in 1825.
2. Your grandmother was born in 1894. Your great-grandparents were born in 1798.
3. Great-uncle Clyde [1825-1887] and Great-aunt Hephzibah [1828-1901] had their first child, Ukie,
     in 1896.
4. Your 9th great-grandmother was born in 1592 in Richmond, Virginia.
5. Your Uncle Herb was born in 1916, when your grandmother was 72.
6. Eli Berg served with the Virginia Line at Yorktown in 1681. He was born in 1590.
7. Your great-grandfather, Norbert Mudd, was listed in the 1880 mortality schedule as having died
    childless and unmarried.
8. Your 3rd ggf, Lucifer Gottlieb appears in a family history written in 1888. He had 26 children by 8 wives. Lucifer had 3 sons named Lucifer Jr. survive into adulthood. All 3 married women named Alma [no maiden name given] and had six children. Each had children named Lucas, Elma, Quill, Sheba and Verl. The 6th child? Wanda June, June Wanda, Wendy J.

And so the work begins!

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