Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Crail Wrap-up

Now that I've been through my Crail information, here is a summary of what I "think" the lineage to be:
[1] Bess Catherine Crail [1891-1952] /Charles J. McHugh
[2] Dr. James Crail [1858-1920]/ Ama Jimima "Mima" Simmons
[3] Aaron Crail [1839-1868]/ Catherine O'Neil
[4] James Berry Crail, Jr. [c1807-bet. 1854-1874]/ Mary Ann Jones
[5] James Berry Crail, Sr. [1783-186?]/ Margaret Stewart
[6] Thomas Crail [c1745-1809]/ Elizabeth Berry
[7] Thomas Crail/ Elizabeth Jane Wilson

The trick, as I have mentioned before, is to prove the line with solid evidence!

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