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The Simmons Family: Part 2

The Simmons Family:

Fifth Generation

5.  William Simmons9 (John-4, John-3, John-2, Richard-1) was born in 1759 in Newburgh, Orange Co., New York.3,9 Simmons Family gives birth about 1764 in NYC. He died on 20 May 1825 at the age of 66 in Simmons Mill near Warsaw, Coshocton Co., Ohio.3,9 Simmons Family gives death as 4 March 1845 in Washington, D.C. William was the eldest of the Simmons children, born about 1759 in Newburgh. A descendant of William's attributed a grand and glorious military career to the eldest Simmons boy. He enlisted at 18, became a colonel in command of a brigade at the Battle of Trenton, and was close friends to Washington, Greene, and other generals. The claim was also made that William was an accountant for the Continental Army.
William's military service may well have been in part with the 11th Pennsylvania Continentals.* A William Simmons with that regiment transferred to the Commander-in-chief's guard on 1 March 1777. [Penn. Archives: Series 5, Vol. III, p. 627] In this latter capacity, Wiliam would have had contact with Washington and other generals. Simmons was reported sick at Morristown, NJ.

On the muster roll for the guards, a William Simmons was listed as a member from 20 March 1780 to 8 April 1781 with the rank of private.
[http://www.sons-of- liberty sar.org/guardsMusterdetail.phppageNum_musterRoll=29&totalRows_musterRoll=351]

From 1 April to 1 August 1780 William was at headquarters in Orangetown, NY [adjacent to Clarkstown, where brother John enlisted] as a member of the Guard under Col. Caleb Gibbs. He also on duty from August through December and reported as being in the hospital as of 15 January 1781. [M881 - Rev. War Service Records]

On 21 November 1781, a William Simmons, clerk in the Comptroller's office took the Oath of Allegiance to the US. William may have left the Guard in April and gone into government service before the war ended. [
Some of the Earliest Oaths of Alegiance to the United States, Nellie Protsman Waldenmaier, p. 74, Google Books] References to William were also made in the papers of Robert Morris [1781-1784] (Google Books) establishing his service as a clerk of accounts with the Treasury Department in late 1783 and as clerk to the Commissioner to the Quartermaster Department in 1784..
William was back in New York City by 1785, when he married a woman named Elizabeth and they had a son William Barber Simmons born 18 March 1785 [baptized 17 August 1785, Trinity Church] and a daughter Catherine born in 1790.
William B. was not mentioned in his grandfather's will, so died before 1794. Catherine died in Washington City on 27 February 1814.

William recieved an appointment from President Washington as an accountant to the Treasury Department on 17 April 1795. He served with the War Department under Adams, and Madison. His civil service career took place in all three capitals - New York, Philadelphia and Washington.

On 16 December 1797 Robert Johnson of Franklin Co., Pennsylvania deeded Lot 71 [640 acres] in Fayette [Oxford] Twp., Tioga [Chenango] Co., New York to William Simmons of Philadelphia. William's three children sold the land in 1830.

William's 2nd marriage was to Josephine Bertrand Lapoint in Philadelphia on 18 November 1799. She died in Washington, DC nine years later. They had three children: Charles William [1800 Washington, DC -17 Aug 1874 Lower Lake, Lake Co.. CA], Josephine Elizabeth [1803 Washington, DC - 1842 Roscoe, Cosochton, OH], and William Henry [1807 Washington, DC - bef. 1880 Oskaloosa, Mashaska Co., IA]

William died at Simmon's Mill, near Warsaw, on 35 May 1825 and was buried on the property.

Charles married 26 Aug. 1829 Eliza C. Dewey in New Berlin, NY. Josephine married 9 March 1823 William Carhartt in Cosochton Co., Ohio. William married 28 Oct. 1828 Nancy Slaughter and 3 July 1842 Alice Laycock; both in Cosochton Co., Ohio.

William's government employment came to an end on 6 July 1814, when he was dismissed by President Madison for [alleged] "bitter hostility to the government" and "rudeness to his superiors." Simmons counter charged that Secretary of War John Armstrong had engineered the firing after a clash over accounting procedures. [
The Burning of Washington: The British Invasion of 1814, Anthony S. Patch, (p. 68) Google Books]
Armstrong was a complacent, arrogant, and stubborn individual who refused to listen to subordinates. He had been fueding with Accountant Simmons and fired him. President Madison evidently backed Armstrong. Historians assign much of the blame for the Bladensburg defeat and the buring of Washington to Armstrong.

Despite his resentment of the government officials, William Simmons became an "unsung hero." He volunteered to follow British troop movement on the Bladensburg side of the Patuxent River and Eastern Branch. Once he determined that the British were going to march on Bladensburg, Simmons rode to inform the nearest US field commanders. As he crossed the Bladensburg Bridge, the deposed accountant ran into the Presidential party and prevented Madison from being captured by the enemy.

Simmons then acted as a forward artillery observer and realized that US cannon fire was ineffective. He informed US commander Brigadier General William H. Winder of the situation and was dismissed since he was not a professional soldier. [Winder would also be saddled with blame for his ineptitude in handling the command.]

Next, Simmons rode into Washington to warn remaining citizens and officials of the impending invasion. He reported to the President's House and noticed two fully operational, wheel-mounted cannon setting on the lawn. He ordered the sole remaining Presidential servant to serve Madison's brandy to the soldiers still in the capital. Then he convinced some of the soldiers to wheel at least one of the two field pieces out of the city. William Simmons then rode to Georgetown. [http://www.macpa.org/content/printpreview.aspx, citing Walter Lord's
The Dawn's Early Light]
Family lore holds that Madison offered Simmons any job he desired within his area of expertise and that he resigned in 1815. It has yet to be learned if William was reinstated after the War of 1812.

For his service, William received a grant of 4297 acres at the headwaters of the Muskingham River in Coshocton Co., Ohio was granted him by President John Adams in 1800. After leaving government service, William packed up family and belongings and headed west after the final disposition of his father's will in 1820.

Wiliam died at Simmons Mill near Warsaw in Cosochton Co., Ohio.

*The 11th Pennsylvania was raised at Philadelphia 16 September 1776 and saw action at the Battles of Brandywine, Germantown and Monmouth. It was merged into the 10th Pennsylvania Regiment on 1 July 1778.[Wikipedia]

William Simmons and Elizabeth [Simmons] were married before 1785 in New York City, New York.9 Elizabeth [Simmons] died before 1799 in probably Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania.9

William Simmons and Josephine Bertrand Lapointe were married on 18 Nov 1799 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania.9 Josephine Bertrand Lapointe9,12, daughter of Jean Baptiste Bertrand Lapointe and Louise Gabriel De Bolmensnil, was born about 1782 in Saint-Dominique [Haiti].12 She died on 19 Nov 1808 at the age of 26 in Washington, D.C..9 Josephine's background is an interesting one. Her father was a French planter on Saint Dominique [Haiti] operating large sugar refineries and coffee plantations. Lapointe owned an estimated 600 slaves.
When the Haitian Revolution [1791-1803] errupted, Josephine and her sisters, Elizabeth Louise and Nanina Vanessa, were attending convent school in Paris. Jean and Louise Lapointe were slain during the revolt. The girls went to Philadelphia to live with an uncle
  named "Terrascond." [This is probably Henri Tarascon, who was listed as La Tarascon in the 1800 Philadelphia census.]
6.  John Simmons Jr.9 (John-4, John-3, John-2, Richard-1) was born on 24 Oct 1761 in New York City, New York.3,9 He died on 19 May 1843 at the age of 81 in East Wheeling, Ohio Co., [W] Virginia.3,9 John was born in New York City in 1761 and lived there with his parents and siblings until the Simmons family evacuated New York City along with other patriots in 1776. The family apparently settled briefly in Haverstraw*, Orange Co., New York, as John enlisted in Captain Jacob Onderdonk's militia unit at Clarkstown [part of Haverstraw] in 1778. [Onderdonk's company served in Hay's NY Militia Regiment from 4 April 1778 until 9 August 1780.]
John served with the militia for two years, primarily guarding the west shore of the North Hudson between Tappan and Paulus Hook. Part of the Shore Guard's duty was to repel British or Tory landings along the Hudson. The Guard lit signal fires on top of High Tor to warn neighboring communities of danger.[http://www.townofhaverstraw.us/toh_main.php?history=2&ourHistory=1&home=1&section=history]

He then served six months during 1781-82 under Captain Bowman [or Bowan] in Col. Friedrich Weissenfels' Regiment of New York Levies [militia drafted to regulars].

It was probably during his gaps of service that he married Mary Nelson [or possibly Provost]. Exactly where the marriage took place is not yet known. It could have taken place in Orange Co., NY or in New Jersey.

The Simmons clan returned to New York City about September 1783, where John and Mary raised their family. Mary died sometime after the 1790 census enumeration and the end of 1791. The Simmons household in the West Ward of New York showed two white males under 16 [John W. & Samuel], one white male over 16 [John] and three white females [Mary, Catherine & Elizabeth].

The family may have moved to Philadelphia just prior to or shortly after Mary's death.
  On 8 January 1792 at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Philadelphia, John married Lucy [Morris] Cunningham, a widow with three minor children.
John's father purchased 4850 acres in the Unadilla Valley of Montgomery [later Chenango] Co. in 1793. Shortly thereafter John was sent to act as sales agent for his father. John was deeded Lot 75 in Town 16 [later Norwich and New Berlin]. His brother Stephen joined him a few years later and settled on Lot 78. Neither was much of a hand at farming. John sold out in 1814** and moved to Pennsylvania; while Stephen opted for Michigan a few years later.

A Pittsburgh area newspaper in 1817 reported that a horse had been stolen from John Simmons three miles east of Canonsbourgh. A reward was offered.

An 1820 deed to John Simmons from the executor of his father's estate identified him as a farmer of Dearborn Co., Indiana. There are two entries for John Simmons in Dearborn Co. One is in Logan Twp. with one male 26-45, two females under 10, and one female 16-26. The other is for Hanover [which appears to be in Randolph Twp., which became part of Ohio Co. in 1844] with one male over 45 and one female over 45. The youngest of John's and Lucinda's brood was 19 in 1820. The Hanover entry would have fit the couple, if all of the kids were on their own.

Two 1823 deeds identified John as being of New York and of Canajoharie, New York and "late of Pennsylvania." Neither deed was signed by Lucinda. The deeds involved John selling off part of his Chenango Co. inheritance.

Shortly after the land transactions, John was settling in Canonsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he ran a public house on the road from Washington to Pittsburgh.
  He married Margaret Harbison Moffit in Wheeling, Virginia in 1824. The family lived in Canonsburgh through the rest of the decade. The next stop was Jackson Twp., Monroe Co., Ohio, where John applied for his pension in 1833. In 1834 John moved to Wheeling and died there in 1843.
According to the
Wheeling Times and Advertiser of 20 May 1843, John's remains were escorted from his East Wheeling home by the 1st Battalion, 4th Regiment, Virginia militia commanded by Col. B.F. Kelly.
*Haverstraw [along with West Haverstraw] was the site of the exchange of plans to West Point between Benedict Arnold and John Andre on 20 September 1780.[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haverstraw_(village),_New_York] The village is now part of Rockland Co.

**In his pension application John stated that he lived in Orange Co. for 20 years until moving to Pennsylvania in 1814. Perhaps he meant that he spent 20 years in New York State.

John Simmons Jr. and Mary Nelson? were married about 1780 in New York.3,9 Mary Nelson? died about 1791 in New York City, New York.3,9

John Simmons and Mary Nelson? had the following children:

           12              i.   John William Simmons, born 16 Oct 1781, New York City, New York; married Dolly Jennison, abt 1803, New Berlin, Chenango Co., New York; died abt 1857, Newport, Campbell Co., Kentucky.

           13             ii.   Samuel Simmons, born abt 1784, New York City, New York; married Elizabeth Matthews, bef 1815, probably Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania; died bef 1820, St. Clair Twp., Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania.

                            iii.   Catherine Simmons was born on 17 Jul 1784 in New York City, New York.9 She was christened on 18 Aug 1784 in Trinity Church, New York City, New York.9 She died before 1785 at the age of 1 in New York City, New York.9

                            iv.   Catherine Simmons was born on 17 Jun 1785 in New York City, New York.9 She was christened on 7 Aug 1785 in Trinity Church, New York City, New York.9 She died before 1793 at the age of 8 in New York City, New York.9

           14             v.   Elizabeth Simmons, born 16 Mar 1786, New York City, New York; married Asa Kimball, abt 1814, New Berlin, Chenango Co., New York; died aft Oct 1822, Canajoharie, Montgomery Co., New York.

John Simmons Jr. and Lucinda Morris were married on 8 Jan 1792 in St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.9 Lucinda Morris3,9,13 was born on 24 Dec 1760 in Caernarvonshire, Wales.3,9 She died about 1822 at the age of 62 in possibly Dearborn or Franklin Co, Indiana.3,9 Lucinda's story is a bit confusing. Three different birthdates and places have been offered for her.
The first, 24 October 1760 in Caernarvonshire, Wales, was provided by James B. Simmons, a descendant of Adam Simmons - long thought to be a son of "Wall Street John." James obtained the information in 1880 from Caroline Garrison, daughter of John W. and Dolly Simmons. This was supposed to have been recorded in the Simmons family Bible. At the time, only a few entries were legible. Of concern with the information supposedly provided by the daughter of John W. Simmons: that Lucy was John Jr.'s first wife; that she was the mother of the children listed in the bible; and that there was a son John [actually James] F. born 1784, a senator from Rhode Island. (No apparent ties to the family.)

The second, about 1767 in Oxford, Talbott Co., Maryland was provided to researcher Roy Simmons by Price & Assoc. a genealogy research firm in Salt Lake City. The Oxford birth would place Lucy in the right location to have ties to the family of Robert Morris. Morris had a half-brother Thomas. Thomas was the product of a long time relationship between Robert Morris Sr. and Sarah Wise. There is no clear evidence that Thomas [1751 Oxford, MD - 1778 Nantes, France] fathered any children. Lucy's father was supposedly a Thomas Morris, thus providing the link to Robert Morris. In addition Lucy is found in Philadelphia at the same time as Robert and Thomas.

The third, about 1765 in New York City, appears on Lucy's pedigree chart on the Roy Simmons site.

Additionally, there are two estimated dates, c 1778 and c 1783, for Lucinda's first marriage to Robert Cunningham. The latter seems more likely based on the birth of their eldest child. Fortunately, her second marriage to John Simmons was documented.

Lucy's death is also somewhat shrouded in mystery. John Simmons married for the third time in Wheeling, Virginia in 1824. John Simmons was listed as the head of household in Hanover, Laughery Twp., Dearborn Co., Indiana* and was named in an 1820 deed as being of Dearborn County, Indiana. There was one male over 45 and one female over 45.That would place Lucy's death during the early 1820s, probably in Dearborn Co. It is also possible that she died on the return trip to Pennsylvania. Undocumented sources give Lucy's death as being in Brookville, Franklin Co., Indiana.

*There is no record of a town or township named Hanover in Ohio or Dearborn Counties. There was a town of Hartford south of Laughery Creek in what would become Ohio Co. If Hanover existed in 1820, it did not last long. There was a Laughery Twp., part of which became Clay Twp., Dearborn Co.

John Simmons and Lucinda Morris had the following children:

           15              i.   Sarah Conde Simmons, born abt 1793, New York; married James Babcock Alton, abt 1813, Canajoharie, Montgomery Co., New York; died 25 Dec 1822, Canajoharie, Montgomery Co., New York.

                             ii.   John Simmons was born about 1795 in New York.9

                            iii.   William Simmons was born about 1797 in New Berlin, Chenango Co., New York.9

           16            iv.   Mary Simmons, born abt 1798/9, New Berlin, Chenango Co., New York; married John K. Lynch, abt 1820, possibly Indiana; died bef 1880, Woodsfield, Monroe Co., Ohio.

                             v.   Lucinda Simmons was born about 1801 in Chenango Co., New York.9

John Simmons Jr. and Margaret Harbison were married on 12 Feb 1824 in Wheeling, Ohio Co., [West] Virginia.9 Margaret Harbison, daughter of John Harbison and Mary \ Mera White, was born about 1795 in Pennsylvania.9 She died on 9 Mar 1864 at the age of 69 in Washington Co., Pennsylvania.9 Margaret was born in the family cabin on Buffalo Creek in Pennsylvania. She married H.A. Moffit about 1820/1 and had a daughter Melvina in 1822. Moffit must have died shortly thereafter, since Margaret married John Simmons in Wheeling in 1824.
Melvina married an Englishman named John Allen. Allen was a shoemaker in Washington Borough, Washington Co., Pennsylvania. Margaret went to live with the Allens before her death.

Margaret left the Cass Co., Iowa bounty land awarded from John's military service to Melvina. The land was the southwest quarter of Section 11.

There is some question as to how many children Margaret and John had. In 1850 she had Benjamin, Daniel and Augustus living with her. Daughter Sarah was already married. In question are three other children: Eleanor, Josephine and Thomas. Eleanor may have been married by 1850, but the two youngest should have been at home. It is possible that all three had died

John Simmons and Margaret Harbison had the following children:

           17              i.   Sarah Harbison Simmons, born 9 Dec 1824, Wheeling, Ohio Co., [West] Virginia; married John Snead, 1850; died 6 Dec 1910, St. Louis, St. Louis Co., Missouri.

                             ii.   James Simmons was born on 6 Apr 1826 in Pennsylvania.9

           18            iii.   Benjamin White Simmons, born 8 Jan 1828, Pennsylvania; married Sophia J. Dodd, 4 Nov 1850, Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Ohio.

           19            iv.   Daniel Howe Simmons, born 1 Mar 1829, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania; married Keziah Klingensmith, abt 1852, probably Ohio; died 9 Jan 1922, Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon.

                             v.   Eleanor Jane Simmons was born on 10 Feb 1831 in Ohio.9

           20            vi.   Augustus C. Simmons, born 26 Sep 1833, Ohio; married Susan McDaniel, 24 Sep 1856, Home of John McDaniel, Mason Co., Kentucky; died 4 Aug 1912, Aberdeen, Brown Co., Ohio.

                           vii.   Josephine Simmons was born on 10 Jun 1836 in Ohio.9

                          viii.   Thomas Simmons was born on 10 Feb 1838 in Ohio.9

7.  James Simmons9 (John-4, John-3, John-2, Richard-1) was born about 1763 in New York City, New York.3,9 Simmons Family gives birth about 1767. He died in 1809 at the age of 46 in Germantown, Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania.3,9 James was born about 1763 in New York City. It would awnppear that James elected not to return to New York with the rest of the family after the Revolution. He was married in Germantown in 1785 and served as captain of the 6th Company, 4th Battalion of the Philadelphia City Militia from 1786-1789. He was listed as a coach maker in Philadelphia in 1790.
James served as executor of his father's estate along with his mother and brother William from 1795 until his death in 1809.

A patent for a machine to bind cotton, hay, etc. was granted to James Simmons on 7 November 1809. By that time, his brother David and Condy Raguet were administering James' estate.

James and Margaret [Bringhurst] Simmons had five children: Catherine Shute [20 Oct. 1788], John Bringhurst [21 Sep. 1790], William Salter [5 Aug. 1792], Jane Thomson [20 Apr. 1794], and Samuel [13 Nov. 1795].

Catherine married Col. Condy Raguet in 1784. John died in 1816 and was buried in the plot next to Mary Dally, his greataunt, in the Philadelphia Christ Church Cemetery. William became a merchant in Philadelphia. Jane was not named in her grandfather's will, so probably died as an infant. Samuel was not named in his father's 1809 will, so had died by that time.
James Simmons and Margaret Bringhurst were married about 1785 in Germantown, Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania.9 Margaret Bringhurst was born about 1757 in Germantown, Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania.9 She died on 8 Feb 1798 at the age of 41 in Germantown, Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania.9

8.  Sarah Simmons9 (John-4, John-3, John-2, Richard-1) was born about 1765 in New York City, New York.9 She died before 1794 at the age of 29 in New York City, New York.9 Sarah is not included in the Simmons Family. She reportedly married a man named Clarke. There is no Sarah mentioned in John's will. Catherine's mother was named Sarah.
Wall Street John: Sarah is a hypothetical daughter, based on the following facts: a Sarah Clarke was a sponsor on August 17, 1785 at the Trinity Church, New York City, baptism of William Barber Simmons, son of William and Elizabeth Simmons. She was also a sponsor at the baptism at Trinity Church of William Clarke Simmons, son of David and Margaret Simmons.
An argument against Sarah being a Simmons is that less than a year passed between the baptism of the Simmons baby and the death of John Simmons. Unless a sudden illness or calamity took her life, Sarah should have been in resonably good health.
Sarah Simmons and _______ Clarke were married.9 _______ Clarke9 was born (date unknown).

9.  David Simmons9 (John-4, John-3, John-2, Richard-1) was born about 1770 in New York City, New York.3,9 Simmons Family gives birth about 1774. He died in 1858 at the age of 88 in Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania.9 David was the 4th son of John and Catherine Simmons. On 11 August 1793 the couple had a son which they named William Clarke Simmons. William Simmons and Sarah Clarke were sponsors at the infant's baptism on 26 October 1793.
David and Conde Raguet were administrators of brother James' estate in Philadelphia in 1809. A David P. Simmons served as a private in Captain John Strahan's 5th Company of the 1st class of the 24th Regiment of Pennsylvania militia [1812-1814].
David was described as a "prosperous Philadelphia merchant" at the April 1820 meeting to settle John's estate at the home of his brother William in Washington.

The 1820 census shows a David P. Simmons living in the Northern Liberties district of Philadelphia with 1 male over 45, 1 female 10-16, and 1 female 16-26.

Margaret apparently died before 1822, as in that year David and his wife Ellen deeded land in Chenango Co. to Thomas Hyde. David was listed in North Liberties in the 1835 Philadelphia city directory and was shown as a "gentleman" of 80 in the 1850 census.

Pennsylvania Magazine of History & Biography [Vol. 63, 1933, p. 495] makes reference to David Simmons' receipt book 1832-1858. This could mean he died in 1858.

David Simmons and Margaret Chambers were married on 14 Aug 1792 in Trinity Church, New York City, New York.9 Margaret Chambers9 was born (date unknown).

David Simmons and Ellen [Simmons] were married before 1822 in probably Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania.9 Ellen [Simmons]9 was born (date unknown).

10.  Stephen Gifford Simmons9 (John-4, John-3, John-2, Richard-1) was born in Jan 1780 in Burlington Co., New Jersey.3,9 He died on 24 Sep 1830 at the age of 50 in Detroit, Wayne Co., Michigan.3,9 Stephen was the most tragic figure among children of John and Catherine. He was baptized in Philadelphia, but probably born in rural Burlington Co., New Jersey. Stephen either went with his brother John to oversee the land purchased in 1793, or followed shortly. Per his father's will, Stephen was to recieve £30, when of age, to purchase a set of toos.
Stephen served in the military for three years. According to the U.S. Army Register of Enlistments, he was a lieutenant of dragoons from 9 July - 4 Sept.1797. He then served as regimental paymaster in Tennessee until 13 November 1800, when he was arrested and tried at a General Courts Martial in Philadelphia. Stephen was then dismissed from service. [notation that the proceedings were burnt]. (Ancestry.com.
U.S. Army, Register of Enlistments, 1798-1914 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations Inc, 2007. Original data: Register of Enlistments in the U.S. Army, 1798-1914; (National Archives Microfilm Publication M233, 81 rolls); Records of the Adjutant General’s Office, 1780’s-1917, Record Group 94; National Archives, Washington, D.C.) Stephen returned to New Berlin after his Courts Martial where he married Levana Elliot [?] in 1806. They had six children: Catherine, James, David, Ellen, Bathsheba and Lavina.

The family moved to Wayne Co., Michigan in 1825. There Stephen purchased a decrepit tavern in the forest along the main immigrant trail. He also farmed.

In June 1830 Stephen returned from a week-long trip to Detroit [attending a court case involving a contract dispute] and accused Levana of having an affair with a stagecoach driver. He subsequently got drunk and beat his wife to death. Stephen was tried for murder in Detroit and hanged on 24 September 1830. It was the first hanging in Detroit since 1821 and the last. Stephen and Levana were buried on the tavern property in unmarked graves. The children had left the Michigan Territory by 1834.
Stephen Gifford Simmons and Levana Elliot? were married on 2 Dec 1806 in Chenango Co., New York.9 Levana Elliot? was born on 6 Aug 1779.9 She died on 14 Jun 1830 at the age of 50 in Bucklin Twp., Wayne Co., Michigan.9 Levana was murdered by her husband.

11.  Catherine C. Simmons9 (John-4, John-3, John-2, Richard-1) was born about 1784 in New York City, New York.3,9 She died before 1820 at the age of 36 in possibly Washington, D.C..3,9 Catherine was the youngest of the Simmons children. She was the recipient of several bequests in her father's 1794 will. "Household furniture and plate" left to her mother was to be passed on to Catherine. She was also to have the family Bible, a gold mourning ring that had belonged to her paternal grandmother, a negro boy named "Philli," as well as her share of John's English holdings and his estate.
Catherine married George McDaniel in Washington, D.C. in 1805.

Her aunt, May Dally, left Catherine legacies in her 4 May 1811 will. Catherine was not at the settlement of her mother's estate in 1820.

George served with Richard S. Briscoe's company in the 1st Legion from Washington City, [D.C. US Genweb: War of 1812 militia rolls]

Catherine C. Simmons and George McDaniel were married on 7 Nov 1805 in Washington, D.C..9 George McDaniel9 was born (date unknown).

Sixth Generation

12.  John William Simmons9,14 (John-5, John-4, John-3, John-2, Richard-1) was born on 16 Oct 1781 in New York City, New York.9 He died about 1857 at the age of 76 in Newport, Campbell Co., Kentucky.9 John William Simmons was the eldest child of John and Mary Simmons. He was born in New York City and moved to Chenango Co. with his parents about 1793.
John married Dolly Jennison about 1803. The family, parents and eight children, moved to Switzerland Co., Indiana about 1819. Their stay was short as the remaining children were born in Ohio from 1821 - 1828. John was living near eldest son James in 1830 in Oxford Twp., Butler Co., Ohio. By 1840 John had moved to Henry Co., Indiana, but relocated to Newport, Campbell Co., Kentucky later that decade.

There are two versions of John's demise. He may have died in Newport, Kentucky about 1857. The other possibility is that John was helping son Daniel move to Wisconsin in 1858 and died before returning home in 1859.

Note: An additional child is listed on The Simmons Family Tree PhpGedView [http://www.storycapsule.com/simmons/familytree/pedigree.php] : E.L. [1829].
  Based on the 1850 census, E.L. can probably be stricken from the list. It is believed that 'E.L.' was Andrew's wife. A birthdate of 16 September 1823 is also given for Sylvanus.
John William Simmons and Dolly Jennison were married about 1803 in New Berlin, Chenango Co., New York.9 Dolly Jennison, daughter of Peter Jennison and Mehetible Singletary, was born on 31 Mar 1787 in Sutton, Worcester Co., Massachusetts.9 She died on 11 Mar 1862 at the age of 74 in Covington, Kenton Co., Kentucky.9

John William Simmons and Dolly Jennison had the following children:

           21              i.   James Morris Simmons, born 23 Oct 1804, Chenango Co., New York; married Hester Jane Moore, 26 Oct 1826, Warren Co., Ohio; died 25 May 1883, Camden, Carroll Co., Indiana.

           22             ii.   Caroline Simmons, born 25 Aug 1806, New Berlin, Chenango Co., New York; married John Garrison, 25 Jan 1827, Hamilton Co., Ohio; died 28 Sep 1884, Newport, Campbell Co., Kentucky.

                            iii.   Samuel Simmons was born on 31 Mar 1808 in New Berlin, Chenango Co., New York.3,9

                            iv.   Harriet Simmons was born on 20 Mar 1810 in New Berlin, Chenango Co., New York.3

           23             v.   Mariah/Maria B. Simmons, born 4 Mar 1812, New Berlin, Chenango Co., New York; married John Anspaugh, abt 1834, probably Hamilton Co., Ohio; died 25 Jul 1909, Bellevue, Campbell Co., Kentucky.

           24            vi.   John Jennison Simmons, born 7 May 1814, New Berlin, Chenango Co., New York; married Elizabeth Gunning, 8 Apr 1835, Hamiton County, Ohio; died 17 Sep 1892, Tower Hill, Shelby Co., Illinois.

                           vii.   Adaline Simmons was born on 17 Jul 1816 in New Berlin, Chenango Co., New York.3

           25          viii.   Amelia A. Simmons, born 21 Sep 1818, New Berlin, Chenango Co., New York; married Charles William Thomas, 4 Feb 1836, Alexandria, Campbell Co., Kentucky; married Richard Humphrey, 23 Jun 1849, Clinton Co., Indiana; died 10 Sep 1880, Jackson Twp., Cass Co., Indiana.

           26            ix.   David P. Simmons, born 1 Feb 1821, Ohio; married Sarah Ann Grose \ Gross, 23 May 1839, Henry Co., Indiana; married Christine Kite, bef 1870, Wisconsin or Nebraska; died 4 Feb 1897, East Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon.

           27             x.   Daniel G. Simmons, born 9 Oct 1826, Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Ohio; married Elizabeth Adeline Wirts, 24 Jun 1851, Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Ohio; died 24 Apr 1906, Daviess Co., Indiana.

           28            xi.   Sylvanus Simmons, born 16 Sep 1823, Indiana; married Harriet P. [Simmons], 16 Sep 1845, Hamilton Co., Ohio; died ca 4 May 1901, Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Ohio.

           29           xii.   Andrew J. Simmons, born 15 Dec 1828, Ohio; married E.L. [Simmons], bef 1850, probably Campbell Co., Kentucky.

13.  Samuel Simmons (John-5, John-4, John-3, John-2, Richard-1) was born about 1784 in New York City, New York.9 He died before 1820 at the age of 36 in St. Clair Twp., Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania.9

Samuel Simmons and Elizabeth Matthews were married before 1815 in probably Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania.9 Elizabeth Matthews9 was born (date unknown).

14.  Elizabeth Simmons (John-5, John-4, John-3, John-2, Richard-1) was born on 16 Mar 1786 in New York City, New York.9 She died after Oct 1822 at the age of 36 in Canajoharie, Montgomery Co., New York.9

Elizabeth Simmons and Asa Kimball were married about 1814 in New Berlin, Chenango Co., New York.9 Asa Kimball was born in Feb 1769 in Preston, New London Co., Connecticut.9 He died about 1821 at the age of 52 in Canajoharie, Montgomery Co., New York.9

15.  Sarah Conde Simmons (John-5, John-4, John-3, John-2, Richard-1) was born about 1793 in New York.9 She died on 25 Dec 1822 at the age of 29 in Canajoharie, Montgomery Co., New York.9

Sarah Conde Simmons and James Babcock Alton were married about 1813 in Canajoharie, Montgomery Co., New York.9 James Babcock Alton was born on 23 Jul 1786 in Windham Co., Connecticut.9

16.  Mary Simmons1516 (John-5, John-4, John-3, John-2, Richard-1) was born about 1798/9 in New Berlin, Chenango Co., New York.9,17 She died before 1880 at the age of 81 in Woodsfield, Monroe Co., Ohio.16 The details on the Lynch family are a bit fuzzy. The LDS IGI has John's death in 1864, but Mary is residing with William and Lucinda Okey in 1860. She is living with son William in 1870. Presumably, Mary died between June 1870 and 1880.

Mary Simmons and John K. Lynch were married about 1820 in possibly Indiana.17 John K. Lynch9 was born on 4 Oct 1799 in Pennsylvania.17 He died on 28 Oct 1864 at the age of 65 in Woodsfield, Monroe Co., Ohio.17 He was buried about 28 Oct 1864 in Pioneer Cemetery, Woodsfied, Monroe Co., Ohio.17

John K. Lynch and Mary Simmons had the following children:

           30              i.   Lucinda M. Lynch, born abt 1822, Indiana; married William Okey, 26 Apr 1845, Ohio; died bet 6 Jun 1860 and 2 Jun 1870, Monroe Co., Ohio.

           31             ii.   William Lynch, born abt 1827, Pennsylvania; married Louisa C. [Lynch], abt 1858, probably Monroe Co., Ohio; died bef 1880, Monroe Co., Ohio.

                            iii.   Mary Lynch was born about 1830 in Ohio.18

17.  Sarah Harbison Simmons (John-5, John-4, John-3, John-2, Richard-1) was born on 9 Dec 1824 in Wheeling, Ohio Co., [West] Virginia.9 She died on 6 Dec 1910 at the age of 85 in St. Louis, St. Louis Co., Missouri.9

Sarah Harbison Simmons and John Snead were married in 1850.9 John Snead died in 1870.9

18.  Benjamin White Simmons (John-5, John-4, John-3, John-2, Richard-1) was born on 8 Jan 1828 in Pennsylvania.9

Benjamin White Simmons and Sophia J. Dodd were married on 4 Nov 1850 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Ohio.9 Sophia J. Dodd was born in 1831 in Ohio.9

19.  Daniel Howe Simmons (John-5, John-4, John-3, John-2, Richard-1) was born on 1 Mar 1829 in Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania.9 He died on 9 Jan 1922 at the age of 92 in Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon.9 Daniel headed west during the 1850s and became involved in mining. Stops included Montana, California and Oregon.

Daniel Howe Simmons and Keziah Klingensmith were married about 1852 in probably Ohio.9,19 Keziah Klingensmith was born on 24 Jun 1823 in Pennsylvania.9 She died on 30 Dec 1907 at the age of 84 in San Diego, California.9

20.  Augustus C. Simmons (John-5, John-4, John-3, John-2, Richard-1) was born on 26 Sep 1833 in Ohio.9 He died on 4 Aug 1912 at the age of 78 in Aberdeen, Brown Co., Ohio.20 He was buried on 6 Aug 1912 in Maysville Cemetery, Maysville, Mason Co., Ohio.20 Augustus C. Simmons was a steamboat steward. He married Susan McDaniel in 1856 at her father's home in Maysville, Kentucky. The couple lived in Maysville for awhile, then settled in the river town of Aberdeen across the river in Brown Co., Ohio.
The makeup of the family is a mystery, primarily because the 1900 census shows Susan with no children. Augustus is missing from the 1860 census, but could be the "Wm. Seammons" [32] in Maysville that year. Also in the household are Susan [32], Ellen Rogers [14] and Kate Rogers [12]. William and Susan are both listed as being born in Kentucky; the Rogers girls in Ireland. [
1860 Census: Maysville, Mason, Kentucky; M653_386; p. 289] (Problem: Augustus would have been 27; Susan 22/3) Aslo on that page are the families of John and Sarah McDaniel and Thomas and Amanda Welch. [Susan's parents and sister.] In 1870 Susan [32] and Sarah [10] Simmons are living with John and Sarah McDaniel. [1870 Census: Maysville, Mason, Kentucky; ED 31; T625_1351, p. 2B] Augustus is not listed. He may have been on the river when the enumeration took place. 1880 finds the family in Aberdeen, Ohio. Augustus and Susan head a household that inchudes Sudie McDaniel [9] - niece, Garret McDaniel [32] - nephew, and Robert Simmons [6] - son. Garret was actually Susan's brother. The family preceeding the Simmons family was that of Amanda "Wesh" [Welsh/Welch], Susan's sister. With Amanda were children Augustus [18] and Sarah J. [16] and brother Walter McDaniel [36].

The 1900 census for Aberdeen lists Augustus and Susan with the following household: Sudie [b. July 1860, age 39] - adopted daughter, Bessie Rafe [b. Sep. 1883] and Sudie Rafe [Oct. 1886] - granddaughters.

Moving on to 1910, Augustus and Susan were residing with William W.* [38] and Kate [32] Cooper and their children Augustus P. [8] and Frances T. [7]. The Simmonses are listed as father and mother-in-law. Mrs. Wm Cooper was the informant on Susan's death certificate. Newlyweds William W. [Aug. 1871] and Catherine [Jan. 1878] Cooper were residing in Aberdeen in 1900. They had been married for 8 months.

Susan was established as an adopted daughter. Robert may have been adopted as well. The same may be the case for Katherine.

*William Walter Cooper was born in Brown Co., Ohio on 14 August 1871 and died in Georgetown, Brown Co., Ohio on 1 July 1946. He was the son of Philip W. Cooper and Frances Talitha Marsh. [Ohio DOH Death certificate #46492]

Augustus C. Simmons and Susan McDaniel were married on 24 Sep 1856 in Home of John McDaniel, Mason Co., Kentucky.21 Susan McDaniel, daughter of John McDaniel and Sarah Wilkerson, was born on 24 Sep 1837 in Maysville, Mason Co., Kentucky.22 She died on 13 Mar 1929 at the age of 91 in Aberdeen, Brown Co., Ohio.22 She was buried on 15 Mar 1929 in Maysville Cemetery, Maysville, Mason Co., Kentucky.22




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