Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Southern Colonies: The Carolinas [and South Carolina]

The Cape Fear region became the Carolinas in 1629 under Robert Heath and included present-day NC, SC, GA, TN, AL, MS and parts of FL & LA. Heath wished it to be a haven for French Huguenots. The king ruled that North Carolina would be subject to the Church of England . Heath sold out to Lord Berkeley and moved to France. A new charter was granted to the "Lord Proprietors" led by Anthony Ashley-Cooper in 1663.

The northern and southern parts of the colony operated separately until a governor was appointed to rule the colony in 1708.

South Carolina : 1712 marked the separation of the Carolinas. Frontiersmen from Pennsylvania and Virginia had populated the northern regions of the colony and wealthy English planters the south. Charleston became the capital and a major seaport.

During the Revolution, South Carolina was occupied by the British after the fall of Charleston in 1780. The Battle of Camden was a devastating defeat for the Continental Army under Horatio Gates. Nathanael Greene was dispatched to salvage the Southern Army and with the help of partisan guerilla fighters led by the likes of Francis Marion and Thomas Sumter was able to "fight, get beat, get up and fight again" until the war's end.

Family connection: Thomas Sumter was a collateral ancestor.

Read on: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colonial_period_of_South_Carolina

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