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Northwest Territory: Ohio

Prior to the Northwest Ordinance of 1787, the Ohio Territory had been claimed by France and Great Britain. After the French and Indian War, the victorious British forbade settlement and promised the Indians the land was theirs.

Ohio was home to the Shawnee, Delaware, Wyandot and other tribes. The Indians staged raids on white settlements on lands they considered to be their own. Many whites were taken captive, adopted into the tribe or ransomed back to their families. Far more were killed.

In 1787, the Ohio Company began a settlement at Marietta. That was followed by the Miami Company acquiring the Symmes Purchase in SW Ohio and the Connecticut Western Reserve purchased by the Connecticut Land Company in NE Ohio.

Ohio's statehood was belated granted on 1 March 1803. Statehood had been granted earlier in the year, but was to be postponed until Louisiana admission in 1812. The issue was rectified in 1953.

Capitals: Chillicothe [1803-1810, 1812-1816], Zanesville [1810-1812] and Columbus [1816-present]

Cincinnati was founded in 1788 and served as Ohio's major southern port. Most settlers coming into southwestern Ohio came by way of the Ohio River and entered through Cincinnati, especially those coming in from Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic region. Others from the Mid-Atlantic settled at Marietta and other towns that sprang up along the river. From there some headed north. Many New Englanders settled the Connecticut Reserve.

Family connections: Faucett, Mahurin/Hurin, Clark, Crail, Crousore, Smith, Simmons, Moore, Wolary, Prall and others. The Faucetts and Mahurins were the 1st arrivals during the late 1790s. The Pralls trailed the migration, arriving during the late 1860s.

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