Monday, September 14, 2015

New England: New Hampshire and Vermont - briefly

New Hampshire was founded in 1623. The colony was never able to establish its own government and relied on Massachusetts Bay for protection. The colony eventually agreed to be governed by its southern neighbor in 1641. NH was granted its own charter in 1679.

Most of Norfolk County, Massachusetts was absorbed by New Hampshire. As a result, there may be a need to check records for both states in researching Norfolk ancestors. My Benedict, Peabody and Waller families resided in Norfolk Co.

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Vermont should also be mentioned in the blog. Massachusetts Bay claimed the Vermont region  in 1629. New York laid claim to the region in 1664. New Hampshire also laid claim to Vermont and established the Hampshire Grants on the NY side of the Green Mountains and establishing the town of Bennington. In 1777 the citizens of Vermont declared themselves a republic.

No family ties in Vermont until the McHughs and Tierneys briefly tried logging during the early part of the Great Depression.

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