Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Mid-Altlantic Colonies: A Brief Look at Delaware

Part of coastal Delaware was "purchased" from the Lenape by the Dutch West India Company in 1629. The Zwaanendael Colony was established on this land in 1631. Problems soon erupted between the Lenape and Dutch settlers and further settlement was deemed too risky.

In 1638 the New Sweden Company established a colony at Swede's Landing, later Fort Christina [now Wilmington]. Finns, Dutch, Walloons, Germans and Swedes made up the new colony. New Netherland governor Peter Stuyvesant invaded the Swedish colony in 1651 and built Fort Casmir near Fort Christina. The Dutch finally took over the colony in 1655 and renamed Fort Casmir New Amstel [New Castle.] Dutch control lasted until 1664, when the English took control of Dutch territory.

Family connection: It appears that my Hubbard line was from Delaware.

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