Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Research Trip Minor Misadventures

I posted yesterday about research trip preparations. One thing I forgot to mention: Get directions, specific directions!

If your vehicle or phone has GSP, you are set. If not make sure of where you are headed and where you can park.

A few of my misadventures along these lines:

Trenton, NJ: I was headed to the NJ State Archives and the State Library. I drove around the general location for about 10 minutes, then pulled up to a parking meter. I asked the first passerby where  the Archives was. He pointed to a tall building about 50 yards away. I said thanks, put money in the meter and grabbed my research material.

Albany, NY: I had little trouble locating the State Archives, but spent close to a half hour trying to find parking! At long last, I located a parking garage with available space about 6 blocks from my destination.

Annapolis, MD: Another "where the heck is the building" tale. After awhile I gave up on finding the State Archives. I stopped at a fire station to ask for directions. My  destination was directly behind the station.

Baltimore, MD: I was able to find the Historical Society with little problem. The nearest parking spot was about 3 blocks away. I had to leave  to feed the meter every hour.

On the local front, if you need to research at the Indiana State Library and can't find a metered parking spot, try the Indiana Historical Society lot on New York Street. The rates are reasonable. If you research at the IHS Library or make a purchase at the store, parking is free.

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