Thursday, September 3, 2015

Lineage Societies Follow-up

I neglected to mention one item in yesterday's post. With some of the organizations you can piggy-back on someone else's ancestor.

For example, if you file an application with the Sons of the American Revolution on your ancestor Hiram Prescott and someone else has already filed and been accepted, then all you have to do is prove your line back to a common ancestor. If the ancestor is on file with the DAR, the same applies.

For example:
SAR  application                                                     DAR member
John Prescott [b. 1955], son of                              Ann McMurray [1937-2008], daughter of
Lucas Prescott [1920-1993], son of                       Diana Keller McMurray [1919-2000], daughter of
William Prescott [1897-1946], son of                   Charles McMurray [1897-1936], son of
Raymond Prescott [1869-1927], son of                 James McMurray [1855-1890], son of
Samuel Prescott [1845-1880], son of                    Maude McMurray Slate [1827-1884], daughter of
Hiram Prescott III [1816-1857], son of                 Ellen Prescott Slate [1803-1866], daughter of
Hiram Prescott II [1780-1836], son of                  Hiram Prescott II [1780-1836], son of
Hiram Prescott I [1751-1829], patriot                   Hiram Prescott I [1751-1828], patriot

If John Prescott has the documentation back to Hiram III and can prove a familial relationship to Ellen Slate, he should be good to go.

Check membership requirements for those societies that interest you to see if this is an option.

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