Friday, September 4, 2015

New Info for Salt Lake Project!

I was searching the Family History Library catalog yesterday to line up some books and microfilms to check in January. One source led me to another online site about the Scottish Prisoners. This one had three new tidbits about Malcolm MacCallum.

#1: Malcolm lived for 19 weeks during his indenture at the Saugus Iron Works company farm. Several of the Scots worked at the farm caring for cattle and other livestock. Daniel Salmon ran the farm.

#2. It was noted that his daughter Ann married Peter Twist [Twiss], who was a servant and associated with the ironworkers, but did not work at  the Iron Works.

#3. MacCallum may have worked at the Bromingum Forge in Rowley in 1673.

Not only more leads on Malcolm, but also on daughter Ann! She is also my line.

New research topics: Daniel Salmon, the Saugus Iron Works farm, Bromingum Forge and Rowley, MA.

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