Friday, September 25, 2015

Beyond the Colonies: Wrapping up the 1st 13

Well, I have concluded my brief look at the 13 colonies. I had at least one family settle in 10 of them, I believe. It has been interesting to see the number of hits on each. Most received my usual 5 or 6. 18 hits on Connecticut was a real surprise!

Where did my ancestors go from the colonies? Several moved on to other colonies/states among the 13. Massachusetts to New York or New Jersey, for example. My Pralls covered several; New Netherland/York to New Jersey to  Maryland to Pennsylvania.

The New Englanders eventually moved west through NY and/or PA into Ohio. Likewise those who began in the Mid-Atlantic went west into Ohio for the most part. A few, primarily Quaker families headed south into VA before swinging northwest into Ohio a couple of generations later.

The Southern colonials took a couple of routes north. Most went from VA into Kentucky. One, the Cawbys went from NC into Kentucky.

Ohio and Kentucky served as the gateway to Indiana. From 1824 until 1876 the ancestral clans made their way into central Indiana. Hendricks, Rush, Delaware, Madison, Howard, Tipton, Miami, Grant and a handful of other counties eventually fed into Marion County.

A few families bolted for other states for a few years. The Crails, for example, went to Canada and Illinois before returning to Marion Co. My grandfather left Grant Co. for Cincinnati before landing in Indianapolis.

What it boils down to, is that all of those English, Dutch, Walloon, Welsh, Scottish, German, Irish and other folks became HOOSIERS! :)-

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