Tuesday, July 12, 2016

McHughs in Wisconsin

In 2001, I  attended the Samford University [AL] Genealogy Institute for a week, then drove to Springfield, IL to see Abe Lincoln sites. From there, I  traveled to Galena, IL and Lafayette Co., WI. After that I went to Madison, WI and then to Indy to visit cousins.

Lafayette Co., WI was the key to the trip. My McHughs had settled there in 1849. I was able to meet with the county historian for awhile. I also took in the historical society and library in Darlington, the county seat. The McHughs resided at Gratiot for a few years before moving to Shullsburg, a few miles away. The 1st generation of the family was buried at St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery in Gratiot. The 2nd generation was interred at St. Matthew's near Shullsburg. I toured both cemeteries and took pictures of the headstones.

Backtracking to Galena for a paragraph: I checked a city directory for John "Jack" McHugh, who owned a cigar factory there for several years. The address for the cigar factory was now a corner stationary store, I asked the manager if a cigar factory had been in the building. She called the owner and confirmed that part of the store had indeed been Great-Uncle Jack's cigar factory. I also located the building where he had lived while in Galena.

Oh, the cousins I visited in Indy? McHughs.

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