Thursday, July 28, 2016

1890 Census - up in flames, mostly

A fire at the Commerce Department in DC in 1921 destroyed most of the '90 census. There are "census substitutes" that will help fill in the missing years between 1880 and 1900. City directories, some state censuses, tax records and the veterans' censuses [more on these later] can give you some details.

The following partial records survived:

Alabama - Perry Co.
DC - Q, S, 13th, 14th, RQ, Corcoran, 15th, SE, Roggs streets and Johnson Ave.
Georgia - Muscogee Co. [Columbia]
Illinois - Mound T., McDonough Co.
Minn. - Rockford, Wright Co.
NJ - Jersey City, Hudson Co.
NY - Eastchester, Westchester Co., Brookhaven T., Suffolk Co.
NC - South Point and River Bend T., Gaston Co., Twp. #2, Cleveland Co.
Ohio - Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Wayne T., Clinton Co.
SD - Jefferson T., Union Co.
Texas - SP#6, Mountain Peak, Ovila Pct., Ellis Co., Pct. #5, Hood Co.; Pct. 6 & JP7, Rusk Co.; Trinity Town & Pct. 2, Trinity Co.; Kaufman, Kaufman Co.

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