Saturday, July 30, 2016

1910 Census

Enumerated 15 April

[1] address [ & if house or farm]
[2] dwelling & family in order of visitation
[3] each person with relationship to head
[4] color/race
[5] age
[6] marital status; number of years of current marriage
[7] years married to present spouse
[8] number of children born/ number living [for mother]
[9] brthplace of person & parents
[10] if naturalized or alien
[11] if able to speak English; other language spoken
[12] if blind, deaf and dumb
[13] if survivor of Union or Confederate Army
[14] occupation, workplace
[15] if employer, employee, self-employed
[16] if home owned or rnted, farm or house, if mortgaged

States: 46
Territories: New Mexico, Arizona, Alaska, Hawaii
Military and naval bases, Puerto Rico

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