Thursday, July 14, 2016

A Favorite Revolutionary War Story

While conducting research, you sometimes come across a neat story. This one involves a collateral ancestor, Conrad Earthenhouse, whose daughter married the brother of my Martin Cawby.

Earthenhouse was a Hessian soldier during the Revolutionary War. On the ship over, he befriended a soldier from another regiment, Jacob Zeuch [Zike]. Their regiments were initially stationed in New York. In 1779, they were sent to Virginia. It is unclear whether Earthenhouse and Zike missed the ship that would take them from Virginia by accident or intentionally. Conrad and Jacob decided to switch sides. They made their way to Maryland and enlisted in the Continental Army. The pair fought at Camden, Cowpens, Guilford Courthouse and Yorktown.

Conrad and Jacob would settle in Maryland after the war and eventually make their way to Jessamine County, Kentucky. Earthenhouse applied for a pension in 1832, but lacked sufficient documentation to prove his service because Jacob Zike, the one man who could confirm his service, had died three years earlier.

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