Saturday, July 16, 2016

1790 US Census

The state and county of residence was given on each page.
[1] name of the head of the household
[2] number of free white males 16 or older
[3] number of free white males under 16
[4] number of free white females
[5] number of all other free persons
[6] number of slaves
[7] sometimes the town or district

States recorded: Connecticut [CT], Maine [ME, part of Mass.], Maryland [MD], Massachusetts [MA], New Hampshire [NH], New York [NY], North Carolina [NC], South Carolina [SC], Pennsylvania [PA], Rhode Island [RI], Vermont [VT, formed in 1791]

Totally lost or partially missing: Georgia [GA], Delaware [DE], New Jersey [NJ], Kentucky Territory [KY], NC, VA.

Some of the schedules were recreated from tax lists and other local records. [i.e. VA, some counties in NC & MD,]

Enumerators missed folks now and then, so not everyone was counted. Sons and daughters could have been apprenticed out, so were part of other households.

Make a list of household members and their ages to use as a guide. Allow for elderly relatives, in-laws, other relatives, servants, hired help and lodgers.

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