Monday, July 4, 2016

Independence! Tribute to Ancestors who believed in the Cause

To the following men and the families  that supported them in their quest to create a new nation, and any that I overlooked:

Edward Prall, Captain, 1st Maryland [POW, Maryland 400 at Long Island]
Holden Rhodes, Prize Master, Rhode Island privateer [POW]
John Faucett, Private, Virginia militia, Pennsylvania Line
John Simmons Sr., NY Provisional troops
John Simmons, Jr., NY militias & Levies
Amos Singletary, representative, Mass. provincial congress
Peter Jennison, Massachusetts militia, Lexington
Henry Smith, VA Line, Yorktown
Seth Mahurin/Hurin, provided supplies for Continental troops at Morristown, NJ
Benjamin Prall, provided supplies for Continentals, probably brother Edward's Company
John St. John, NY Line & militia
John Land, VA militia
Thomas Land, VA militia
Thomas Sumter, Brig. Gen., Continental Army, commander of Partisan troops in SC
Nathanael Greene, Brig. Gen., Continental Army
Conrad Earthenhouse, originally with Hessian Lossberg Regt., deserted to join VA Regt. in 1780
and, for his pre-West Point actions: Benedict Arnold, Brig, Gen,, Continental Army prior to 1780

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