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The Coningsby Family: Generations 1-4

After days of confusion, frustration and evaluation here is the Coningsby line. Hopefully, someone with access to English records can double-check some of the questionable details.

First Generation
1.  John Coningsby1 was born circa 1162–1170 in Coningsby, Horncastle, Lincolnshire.1 He died supposedly killed in Battle of Chesterfield in 1216 at the age of 54 in England.1 The story of John Coningsby offers up several questions. (1) How could John have died in a battle that took place 50 years after his presumed death? (2) Does he fit the timeline for the Coningsby lineage? (3) Did Coningsby even exist?

According to Clutterbuck's
History & Antiquities of Hertford: [p. 445]
"Sir Roger was sonne to John, sonne to John Lord and Baron of Coningesbie, which Baron of Coningesby married the sister of the Lord Bartholomew Badlesmere: he was, for his rebellion against Kinge John, disinherited, and after, in a battle which the Barons and disinherited gentlemen gave ths Kinge att Chesterfield, in Darbyshire, slayne in the field; and so the Barony, which had contynned in that name from the Saxons till then, vvas then finished, as by auncient recorde doth appeare. After the death of hym, John, his father, he putt himself under the protection of Guy de Beauchamp, erle of Warwick, his kinsman, and was steward ofhis house as appeareth by his patent yett extant. The Erie married him to Johan, the eldest daughter and one of the heires of Sir Roger Bagott, knt. lord of Morton Bagott; he marryed in the time of Henry the Third, and died in the time of Edward the First."

The most serious problem with this account is that the Battle of Chesterfield in Derbyshire referred to above took place in 1266, 50 years after the deaths of King John and Baron Coningsby.

Researcher Robin Wood suggests, in a post at the link below, that John de Coningsby might have been a member of the Marmion family that held lands at Coningsby, Scrivensby and Horncastle in Lincolnshire. John's possible father, Roger of Coningsby may have been Roger de Marmion. A Marmion married into the Boteler family about two centuries later. [!topic/soc.genealogy.medieval/pdEd9KrIH9Q]

The Coningsby Pedigrees at also suggest that John Coningsby and his father Roger were regarded as "fictional." This may have been based on Wood's article.  
John Coningsby and _______ Badlesmere1 were married.1 _______ Badlesmere1 was born circa 1175 in Castle Tong, Kent, England. She was the sister of Batholomew Badlesmere.
John Coningsby and _______ Badlesmere had the following child:
2 i. John Coningsby, born ca 1205, Coningsby, Horncastle, Lincolnshire; married Margaret/Margerie de Solers, England.
Second Generation
2.  John Coningsby1 (John-1) was born circa 1205 in Coningsby, Horncastle, Lincolnshire.1 Several sources estimate that this John was born about 1225, rather than 1205. This places him much closer in age to Magraret/Margerie.
John Coningsby and Margaret/Margerie de Solers1 were married in England.1 Margaret/Margerie de Solers1 was born circa 1225 in Shipton Solers, Gloucester, England.1 Margaret/Margerie was the daughter of Sir Roger de Solers [b. c1190]
John Coningsby and Margaret/Margerie de Solers had the following child:
3 i. Roger Coningsby, born bef 1244, Coningsby, Horncastle, Lincolnshire; married Joan Bagot, bef 1265, Morton Bagot, Warwickshire, England; died aft 1316, Morton Bagot, Warwickshire, England.
Third Generation
3.  Roger Coningsby1 (John-2, John-1) was born before 1244 in Coningsby, Horncastle, Lincolnshire.1 He died after 1316 at the age of 72 in Morton Bagot, Warwickshire, England.1 According to the early accounts of the family, again referencing Clutterbuck, Roger was placed under the protection of Guy de Beauchamp, the Earl of Warwick. Roger was a steward to the Earl. Beauchamp married him to Joan, the daughter and one of the heiresses of Sir Roger Bagot, Lord of the Manor of Morton Bagott, Warwickshire.
Roger Coningsby and Joan Bagot1 were married before 1265 in Morton Bagot, Warwickshire, England.1 Joan Bagot1 was born circa 1244 in Morton Bagot, Warwickshire, England.1 She died after 1329 at the age of 85 in Morton Bagot, Warwickshire, England.1 Joan was the daughter of Roger Bagot and granddaughter of Lord William Bagot and Isabel de la Hyde of near Stafford.

From Clutterbuck's
History & Antiquities of Hertford: [p. 446]
Isabell, which was the wife of William Bagott the elder, made a release of her thirds of Morton Bagott to Sir Roger Coningsby, knt. under a deed with this seale, dated anno 34 Edward I.

"Johane, which was the wife of Roger Coningesby, doih give, graunt, and confirme unto John de Coningesby, her sonne, by Roger, all her manor of Morton Bagott, with all the appurtenances and service, as well of freemen and tenants as other villaines, together with all her landes in Vlenhale, all which landes Roger de Coningesby, her late husband, held by her; all which 1 warrant to my said sonne John against all men. These being witnes : William Blaunchfrorne, William de Sutton, Richard , Alexander de Holte, Alexander the sonne of Walter de Stodeley. Dated att Middleton, thc Wednesday after Michellmas, anno regni regis Edwardi filii regis quatrodecimo."
Roger Coningsby and Joan Bagot had the following child:
4 i. William Coningsby, born ca 1265, Coningsby, Horncastle, Lincolnshire; married Beatrix de Frecie, 25 Jan 1299; died aft 1346, Pas de Calais, France.
Fourth Generation
4.  William Coningsby1 (Roger-3, John-2, John-1) was born circa 1265 in Coningsby, Horncastle, Lincolnshire.1 He died after 1346 at the age of 81 in Pas de Calais, France.1 Sir William Coningsby was knighted by King Edward III in 1346 following the Battle of Crecy in France. He was buried at Calais, France as late as 1351. Some skepticism exists here as William would have been in his 80s at the time of his knighthood and death.
William Coningsby and Beatrix de Frecie1 were married on 25 Jan 1299.1 Beatrix de Frecie1 was born circa 1265 in Neen Sollars, Shropshire, England.1 Beatrix was the daughter of Ingram de Frecie. Her maiden name is various given as de Frerie, de Frecie, de Fearne and de Frene.
William Coningsby and Beatrix de Frecie had the following child:
5 i. Thomas Coningsby, born ca 1300, Morton Bagot, Warwickshire, England; married Theophania Allmayne, ca 1329, Conke, Armorica, Brittany

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