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Coningsby: Gen. 9-13 & Sources

Ninth Generation
9.  Thomas Coningsby12 (Thomas-8, Thomas-7, John-6, Thomas-5, William-4, Roger-3, John-2, John-1) was born circa 1419 in Rock, Worcestershire, England.12 He died in 1498 at the age of 79 in Ake or Rock, Worcestershire, England.12 Thomas has a monument in Rock Church with amorial bearings and quarterings. The monument was built by his son, Sir Humphrey Coningsby.
Thomas Coningsby and Catherine Waldyff1,3 were married in Prob. Rock, Worcestershire, England, United Kingdom.12 Catherine Waldyff12 was born in 1427 in Stoke-Gifford, Gloucestershire, England.12 She died in 1464 at the age of 37 in Rock, Worcestershire, England.12
Thomas Coningsby and Catherine Waldyff had the following child:
10 i. Sir Humphrey Coningsby, born ca 1458, Hampton Court, Hertfordshire,, England; married Alice Ferriby/Ferebie, 1480–1489, Prob Hertfordfshire, England, United Kingdom; died 2 Jun 1535, Aldenham, Hertfordshire, England.
Tenth Generation
10.  Sir Humphrey Coningsby13 (Thomas-9, Thomas-8, Thomas-7, John-6, Thomas-5, William-4, Roger-3, John-2, John-1) was born circa 1458 in Hampton Court, Hertfordshire,, England.12 Alternate birthplace: Rock, Worcestershire. He died on 2 Jun 1535 at the age of 77 in Aldenham, Hertfordshire, England.12 Son of Thomas Coningsby and Catherine Waldyff, Humphrey was "bred to the Bar." Coningsby began his legal career as an attorney of common pleas. He was named in warrants of attorney in 1474. Humphrey was deputy for the sheriff of Worcestershire in 1476.

From 1480 - 1493 he served as third protonotary*. Coningsby surrendered the position to John Caryll on the condition that Caryll passed it on to Humphrey's son, which he did. Coningsby served as clerk of assize on the western circuit and became a member of the bench of the Inner Temple during the 1480s. In 1493, he was named a justice of the peace for Hertfordshire.

In November 1495, Sir Humphrey was appointed serjeant [English barrister of the highest rank]. Among his clients were Queen Elizabeth, the Duke of Buckingham and Peterborough Abbey. He was named a King's serjeant in 1500. Coningsby had been knighted Sir Humphrey by 1509, when on 21 May, he the first justice of the King's bench appointed by Henry VIII. He held that position until 28 November 1533.  

Sir Humphrey purchased large estates of Stottesdon, Shropshire, Hampton's Court and Hope under Dinmore, Herefordshire, Penn's Place and Pigott's, Hertfordshire and North Piddle, Worcestershire. In 1509, Coningsby built the south chapel, south aisle and west tower of the village church in Rock.  He added the chantry of our Blessed Lady and St. George in 1510 and opened a free grammar school in 1513.

On 26 October 1527, he purchased the wardship of his grandson and heir apparent Humphrey Coningsby. The boy had become the ward of the King upon the death of his mother, Cecily Salway.

Humphrey married three times. [1] Alice Ferreby, the mother of his children. [2] Anne, daughter of Christopher Moresby, Esq. and widow of James Pickering, Esq., who died 5 Oct 1523. [3] Isabel, died before Humphrey wrote his will in 1531 and was buried at Gray [White?] Friars Church, London. (see below)

(The Wikipedia article on Humphrey has his wives as Isabel Ferreby. Alice Francis and Anne Moresby, who died in 1523. Since Isabel was named in his will, this appears to be in error.)

Will dated 15 November 1531: Humphrey requested to be buried in the Church of the White Friars, London  near the grave of wife Isabel, Aldenham [death within seven miles], or Rock [death within 40 miles] - depending upon his place of death.  He died 2 June 1535.

By Alice, Sir Humphrey had the following children:
[1] Thomas, Earl of Coningsby, married Cecily Salway. Predeceased his father.
[2] William, educated at Eaton, ellected Fellow of King's College at Cambridge [1497], studied law at Inner Temple, appointed a Judge to the King's Bench 4 months before his death on 5 July 1540.
[3] John, inherited estate at North Mimms.
[4] Elizabeth, married Richard Berkeley and Sir John Fitz-James.
[5] Amphillis, married Sir John Tyndall.
[6] Margaret, married Sir Christopher Hilyard.
[7] Jane, married George Raleigh, Esq.

*protonotary / prothonotary: principal clerk of a court
(Much of the information above is from an add-on to a RootsWeb World Connect tree posted by Darlene Athey-Hill citing the Humphrey Coningsby entry in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography)
Sir Humphrey Coningsby and Alice Ferriby/Ferebie1,3 were married in 1480–1489 in Prob Hertfordfshire, England, United Kingdom.12 Alice Ferriby/Ferebie1 was born circa 1460 in Ferreby, Lincolnshire, England.1 She died on 5 Oct 1523 at the age of 63 in Aldenham, Hertfordshire, England.1
Humphrey Coningsby and Alice Ferriby/Ferebie had the following child:
11 i. John Coningsby Esquire, born bef 1512, North Mimms, Hertfordshire, England; married Elizabeth Frowyke, North Mimms, Herefordshire, England, United Kingdom; died Jun 1547, prob Hertfordshire, England.
Eleventh Generation
11.  John Coningsby Esquire13 (Humphrey-10, Thomas-9, Thomas-8, Thomas-7, John-6, Thomas-5, William-4, Roger-3, John-2, John-1) was born before 1512 in North Mimms, Hertfordshire, England.12 He died in Jun 1547 at the age of 35 in prob Hertfordshire, England.12 He was buried on 14 Jun 1547 in St. Dunton's in the West, Fleet Street, London, England.12 John Coningsby was born before 1512, possibly as early as 1480. [undocumented source] Coningsby was Commissioner of gaol delivery in 1530. He was exempted from attending the King in war for August 1544. John was Receiver General for the Duchy of Lancaster. He was appointed Sheriff of Hertfordshire on 23 November 1546, a position Coningsby held until his death. John held properties of Sherlands manor, Maresehall manor, Hadley and South Mimms.

There is a gravestone at St. Dunstans in the West inscribed to the memory of John and his wife, Elizabeth.
John Coningsby Esquire and Elizabeth Frowyke1 were married in North Mimms, Herefordshire, England, United Kingdom.12 Elizabeth Frowyke12 was born circa 1516 in North Mimms, Herefordshire, England.12 She died in 1546 at the age of 30 in Rock, Worcestershire, England.12 Elizabeth was the daughter of Henry and Ann Frowyke of North Mimms. Although the gravestone at St. Dunton's is in memory of both John and Elizabeth, it is possible that  she was interred in the chapel of St. Catherine's  in North Mimms.
John Coningsby and Elizabeth Frowyke had the following child:
12 i. Sir Henry Coningsby, born 1546–1547, North Mimms, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom; married Elizabeth Boteler, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom; died 21 Jan 1590, North Mimms, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom.
Twelfth Generation
12.  Sir Henry Coningsby1,4 (John-11, Humphrey-10, Thomas-9, Thomas-8, Thomas-7, John-6, Thomas-5, William-4, Roger-3, John-2, John-1) was born in 1546–1547 in North Mimms, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom.1,4 He died on 21 Jan 1590 at the age of 44 in North Mimms, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom.1,4 Sir Henry Coningsby was knighted at Theobald's in 1582, as Knight of the Weld and Nort Mimms. He served as Sheriff of Hertfordshire in 1569 and 1582. Sir Henry married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir John Boteler of Watton, Woodhall. His sister, Anne married Sir Philip Boteler, Henry's brother-in-law.

Henry will was dated 27 November 1587 and proved 21 January 1590/1.
Sir Henry Coningsby and Elizabeth Boteler1 were married in Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom.12 Elizabeth Boteler4 was born circa 1550 in Watton Woodhall, Hertfordshire, England.4 She died circa 3 Feb 1613/4 at the age of 64 in prob. North Mimms, Hertfordshire, England.4
Henry Coningsby and Elizabeth Boteler had the following child:
13 i. Elizabeth Coningsby, born ca 1574, Grimston, Norfolk, England; married Thomas Meautis, ca 1590, Westham, Essex, England; died Aug 1641, prob. Westham, Essex, England.
Thirteenth Generation
13.  Elizabeth Coningsby5 (Henry-12, John-11, Humphrey-10, Thomas-9, Thomas-8, Thomas-7, John-6, Thomas-5, William-4, Roger-3, John-2, John-1) was born circa 1574 in Grimston, Norfolk, England.6 She died in Aug 1641 at the age of 67 in prob. Westham, Essex, England.5 She was buried on 19 Aug 1641 in prob. Westham, Essex, England.5
Elizabeth Coningsby and Thomas Meautis5 were married circa 1590 in Westham, Essex, England.5 Thomas Meautis, son of Henry Meautis and Anne Jermy, was born circa 1572 in West Ham, Essex, England.7 He died in 1614 at the age of 42 in West Ham, Essex, England.5 Thomas Meautis was Clerk of the Privy Council. He was a "confidential friend and secretary" to Sir Francis Bacon.
Thomas Meautis and Elizabeth Coningsby had the following child:
14 i. Frances Meautis, born ca 1596, West Ham, Essex, England; married Sir John Thorowgood, bef 1613, England; died ca 1650, West Ham, Essex, England.
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