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Mrs. Mary Wright XI: Trying to sort out John Bowaters

OK, if I understand the Baldwin article, John Bowater Sr. [bp. 25 Apr 1620 Broomsgrove, Worcester, England - 16 Jan 1704/5 London, England] visited the Atlantic coast during 1677 and 1678. He returned home and was jailed from 1681 to about 1683.  He was married 3 times. By his 1st wife he had two sons, John Jr. and Thomas. By his 3rd wife, Mary Maunder, he had Mary [3 Feb 1688/9]. Baldwin felt that Mary was the wife of James Wright. John Sr. did not return to America.

John Jr. [bp. 8 Aug 1652 Broomsgrove, Worcester, England - bet. 20 Jul - 17 Sep 1705 Chester Co., PA], arrived in Pennsylvania with a certificate from the Dudley MM, Worcester between May and November of 1684. He had married Frances Corbett on 12 April 1683 at Chadwick, Worcester, England. His daughter Mary was born on 23 Aug 1685 and married Stephen Ailes in 1714.

Baldwin first broached the idea that Mary Bowater married James Wright in his July/October 1997 article in TAG entitled Quaker Marriage Certificates [p. 233-237]. He made the following contentions:
1) Mary, orphaned, came to America to reside near her half-brother Thomas in Philadelphia. Her certificate was read 28 June 1706.
2) 26 Jan 1708 Mary [Bowater]Wright condemns her marriage. [Already discussed and dismissed in earlier post.]
3) The signatures of Mary Bowater and Mary Wright were similar.
4) Mary Bowater's birth [3 Feb 1688/9] and Mary Wright's [2 Feb 1689] are only a day apart. If both dates are modified to account for double dating, then Mary Wright's would be 2 Feb 1689/90, placing them only a year apart.
5) James Wright Jr. named a son Bowater.
6) At Hannah Wright's marriage  on 18 Aug 1726, James & Mary Wright, Mary Jr., Thomas Bowater and four of his nieces were witnesses. [Including Mary Ailes.] Similarly, at the wedding of Mary Wright, many of the witnesses were Bowaters.

Conclusion: Mary Bowater [John Bowater/Mary Maunder] was the wife of James Wright.

From the other side of the aisle:
1) Mary Wright's birth day was 12 Feb 1689 [typo 12 for 2?] and only one day off from Mary Bowater's. Hopewell records hadn't been located. Mary Bowater's birth ranges from 1685 to 1689. (A transcription of the Hopewell Records have been located - see earlier post. 1685 birth was that of John Jr.'s Mary.)
2) John Bowater Sr. married Ann Carter and had John Jr. [c1650], Thomas [c1655], William [c1657], Mary [c1659], Elizabeth [c1661].
3) If the daughter of John Sr., Mary was born when he was 60 years old. Mary Maunder would have been 40.
4) John Sr. may still have been in prison as late as 1687.
5) John Jr. went to America in 1677-78. He may have been accompanied by his father.
6) The 1708 condemning marriage issue - already covered.
7)  Disputing that the Bowaters attending the weddings were related to the Wrights.
8) James Davis was Mary Wright's father.
9) James and Mary attended Bowater family weddings as possible officiates, not as family.

Conclusion: Mary Wright was not a Bowater.

My conclusion? Too early to call. I still need to study information.

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