Thursday, January 19, 2017

Mrs. James Wright II

Mary Davis: Scant information is available on Mary Davis. Up until the 2000 Baldwin article, she was identified as the wife of James Wright.

[1] Her birthdate has been given as 12 February 1689, 2 December 1689 & 2 February 1689 without documentation. The 2 Feb & 2 Dec dates could be a misread of the Quaker date of 2nd day 12th month 1689. February, not December is the 12th month of the Quaker calendar.

[2] Mary married James Wright about 1707 in Chester Co., PA.

[3] Mary's parents are frequently given as James Davis & Margaret Jordan.

A couple of online sources state that the births of James Wright and Mary Davis can be found in the Nicholite Births [Quaker Recod Abstracts] in the Hall of Records at Annapolis, MD. Mary's possible parents will be discussed in a later post. From her marriage until her death c1764, Mrs. Wright's story is fairly well documented.

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