Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Mary Davis, Mary Bowater or Mary _______: Who was Mrs. James Wright?

I have decided to use the blog to examine the arguments as to the identity of the wife of James Wright, Quaker minister of Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia.

My focus is on the following people:

[1] James Wright, Quaker: Some records have his birthplace as Chester Co., PA about 1671. Others suggest a birth in England. The latter is probably most likely. His arrival in Pennsylvania was reported by some researchers as being part of the 1682 Penn Fleet. James resided in East Nottingham Twp., Chester Co., PA [1718 - 1726], Monocacy settlement, Frederick Co., MD [1728 - c1732] and Frederick Co., VA [c1732 - 1760]. About 1706/7, he married Mary Davis/Bowater/_______ in Chester Co., PA.

[2] Mary Davis [b. 12 Feb 1689 MD or PA], daughter of James Davis and Margaret Jordan.

[3] Mary Bowater [b. 3 Feb 1688/9 Eng.], daughter of John Bowater, Sr. and Mary Maunder.

[4] John Bowater, Sr. [c1629 England - 1705], believed to be the father of Mary Bowater, who married James Wright.

[5] John Bowater [1652 England - 1705 Chester Co., PA], supposedly Mary Bowater's brother and father of the Mary Bowater [23 Aug 1685 Chester Co., PA] who married Stephen Ailes c1714.

[6] James and Margaret [Jordan] Davis, parent of Mary Davis.

[7] Stephen Ailes m. Mary Bowater.

Goal: To determine the identity of Mary, the wife of James Wright.

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