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Mrs. James Wright IV

John Bowater Sr., son of William & Dorothy Bowater, [bap. 25 Apr 1630 Broomsgrove, Worcestershire, England - 16 Jan 1704/5 London, England] joined the Society of Friends about 1660. On 8 Jan 1659/60, a John Bowater was imprisoned with others for refusing to take an oath before a court session at Worcester. He traveled to America in 1677 and 1678, visiting Friends in New England, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and Virginia. Back in England, he was again imprisoned in the Worcestser Gaol in 1681 for refusing to pay tithes. Bowater was transferred to Fleet Prison in London five months later and remained there until at least 1683. John married Mary Maunder on 12 Nov 1685 at the Quaker meeting place on Wheeler St., London. Mary died 10 Feb 1704/5 from a fever at her home on Westbury St., Spittlesfield.

John Bowater's 1st wife was named Anne. They had two sons John [bap. 8 Aug 1652 Broomsgrove] & Thomas [b. 10 Feb 1654/5 Broomsgrove]. John's 2nd wife was also named Anne. They may have had a son named William, who died in 1697.

John and Mary Maunder [b. c1649] had two children: Jonathan [31 July 1687 - 30 Mar 1688] and Mary [b. 3 Feb 1688/9], who married James Wright.

Information from Stewart Baldwin, John & Thomas Bowater and Their Sister Mary [Bowater] Wright, TAG:JAN 2000, p. 37-46.

Of concern here is the age gap between John Sr. and daughter Mary. John would have been 57 at Mary's birth. Mary Maunder, if this was her 1st marriage, had her children at age 38 and 39, a bit unusual. 

Bill Putnam's account of the Bowater family differs significantly from the TAG article. [] John Sr. has different parentage and only two spouses. John's 2nd family is essentially the same family the TAG article credits to John Bowater Jr. [next post] There is no connection to the Wright family whatsoever.

This article contends that John Bowater Sr.'s father was also named John Bowater. The elder John did not go to America. John (identified as Jr. by Putnam)[b. c1629] married c1650 Ann Carter, daughter of Francis. Ann was born in Broomsgrove in 1632. John and Ann had at least one child named Thomas, b. 1655. Jphn joined the Quakers by the 1660s and traveled to America in 1677 and 1678. Ann died 25 Feb 1679 Warwickshire and was buried at the  North Friends Burying Ground. John remarried c1681 to Frances Corbet, daughter of William of Worcestershire. John was in prison from 1681 to 1683.

John took his family to America in 1684, where they presented certificates from the Dudley MM at Philadelphia on 4 November. The Bowaters joined the Chester MM on 7 May 1688. John became a minister and started the Bowater Friends Meeting. John was active in the church and community until his death 4 Nov 1704. [Will: 20 July 1704 - 17 Nov 1705]. Frances died in 1720 in Concord Twp., Chester Co.

John & Ann Carter:
Thomas [1655-172? Chester Co., PA] (His daughter Sarah married John Beals]

John & Frances Corbet:
Ann [1684-1685]
Mary/Merry [1685] m. Stephen Ailes
William [1686]
Elizabeth [1688]
John [1690]
Ann [1690]
Alice [1692]
Phebe [1694]

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