Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Mrs. James Wright VII: Examining a document

As I have waded through the efforts of pro- and anti-Bowater researchers, I seem to have overlooked a crucial document, the 1707 marriage of William Pusey and Elizabeth Bowater. This document was posted on the Mary Bowater Wright Find A Grave page.

The marriage took place on 5 June 1707 in Chester Co., PA. Beneath the signatures of the newlyweds are several witnesses to the event.

Included are several members of the Pusey family, Thomas Bowater, Frances Bowater [twice?], Mary Bowater, Mary Wright and James Wright.

Two major points of significance here:

[1] The date, 5 June 1707, would establish the fact that James and Mary Wright were married by that time.

[2] Both Mary Bowater and Mary Wright affixed their signatures to the document. If this is the Mary Bowater who married Stephen Ailes, she was 21 at the time. Does this prove Mary Wright is Mary Davis? No. Could Mary b. 1685 and Mary b. 1688/9 have attended the same wedding? Maybe, It does lend support to the idea tat Mrs. Wright was not a Bowater after all.

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