Sunday, January 15, 2017

Follow-up on Ancestral Mystery #12

Yesterday's post briefly discussed the confusion over whether Mary, wife of Quaker James Wright, was Mary Bowater, Mary Davis or another Mary.

A quick search of the internet has made this a really interesting topic! I really wish I had this as a Problem Solving presentation at Salt Lake in a week or so, but that is not to be. It may be resolved with some online searches and examination several family trees and records concerning Mrs. Mary Wright and a reexamination of Stewart Baldwin's TAG article from about 20 years ago. The Baldwin
article put forth the Bowater argument.

At this point, the Bowater stance is weakening. Still all arguments and available records need to be examined. That's why Salt Lake would be ideal. Access to England, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia Quaker records would be available in one place. OK, on four floors, one facility.

More when a "reasonably exhaustive search" has been done to my satisfaction!

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