Monday, January 23, 2017

Mrs. James Wright VI

James Davis and Margaret Jordan are consistently listed as the parents of Mary Davis, supposedly the husband of James Wright.

The handful of family trees that I have found show both were born in Virginia, James c1643 and Margaret 1640-46. They were married about 1660. Children were born to the couple between 1662 and 1675 and Mary was born in 1689. [One tree does have a daughter Mary born in 1675.]

A gap of 14 years between children is a bit suspicious; ringing loudly for a convenient add-on.   

James Davis' death is given as 1688. Unless Mary was born within 7-8 months of his death, the match goes out the window.

Unless Mary's parents were another couple with the same names, then this couple can be eliminated as her parents.

If it is determined that Mary Davis was indeed Mrs. James Wright, more research needs to be devoted to viable Davises in the Chester Co. area.

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