Monday, January 9, 2017

Ancestral Mysteries #7

#7: Henry Wolary: Henry was a native of what is now West Virginia or Pennsylvania. Born in 1788, he may have settled in Hampshire Co., VA with his family during the mid-1790s. Henry married Elizabeth Rogers in Frederick Co., VA in 1811. The Wolarys moved to Ohio about 1821. Henry had returned to Virginia to visit Elizabeth's relatives in 1849 and died in Frederick Co. He was buried in the Gainsboro Quaker Burying Ground, where members of the Rogers family were interred.

Questions about Henry:
1] National origin? Believed to be Germany. Surname was frequently spelled 'Ullery.'
2] Birthplace? Virginia or Pennsylvania
3] Parents: A Jacob Ullery appeared in the VA records during the 1790s. Was this Henry's father?

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