Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wagons Ho!

Next up, the wagon-carriage industry:

Wainwright: built, repaired wagons
Wagoner: drove wagons or carts
Step Boy: helped passengers in and out of carriages, coaches
Hostler / Ostler: stableman or groom
Muleskinner / Muleteer: mule driver
Horse coper: horse dealer or breeder
Horse capper: dealer in worthless horses
Henchman: horseman, groom
Hackney man: rented horses, carriages
Hack driver: driver of a taxi, carriage for hire
Cartwright: made carts, wagons
Cart wheeler: made wheels for carts, wagons
Carter: wagoner, stable headman
Cabbie: driver of small horse drawn passenger vehicle
Axel tree maker: made axels for wagons, carriages and carts
Drayman: drove low flatbed wagon without sides [primarily became brewery wagons]
Teamster: driver of wagons hauling cargo
Bullwacker: oxen driver
Chaise maker: made wicker carts
Coachman: coach driver

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