Sunday, September 25, 2016

Keeping them down on the farm

Here are farm-related occupations:

Acre man, Ackerman, Earer, Malender, Husbandman, Plowman, Tillman, Planter, Granger: farmer
Yeoman: farmer who owns his own land
Agriculturalist: involved with land cultivation or animal husbandry
Tobacconist: tobacco farmer
Curer: cured tobacco
Sharecropper: farmed someone else's land and split the crop with the owner
Gelder: castrated farm animals
Cowherd: cow keeper or tender
Drover: driver of sheep or cattle
Topsman: foreman or head cattle driver
Shearer: cut wool from sheep
Wool grower: sheep farmer
Gatward: goat keeper
Gooseherd: herder of gesse
Hoggard: pig drover
Swineherder: pig keeper
Pinder: caught and confined stray animals

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