Monday, September 12, 2016

Taking Action On Online Family Trees

I have frequently squawked about poorly documented or undocumented online family trees during my posts. You may wonder,
(1) "Why doesn't he contact the owners of these trees and point out the errors?
(2) "Why doesn't he just post his own tree on one or more of the available sites that host trees?"

The answers....
(1) Contacting tree owners:
I have tried making a few contacts about errors that I have come across. I have been both polite and diplomatic. [I hope!] As a general rule, the pleas for corrections have gone unheeded. Out of about 25-26 contacts I made about Jacob Crousore marrying Ama Jemima Smith, not Anny Ice, I believe one or two were changed and one combined the two into "Ama Jemima Anny Smith Ice," or something close to that.

I did achieve a little success in contacting owners of trees that had solid info on my Prall line, except for showing Anne Bathia Rhodes as Ann Bathia Porter. Confusion over her mother's maiden name vs. the aunt who raised her.

You can chalk it up to laziness, lack of faith in mankind or frustration. I'm just not sure the return would be worth the effort!

(2) Posting my own tree:
Actually, I did post a tree on the Tribal Pages site some 20 years ago. I was going to try to upload a new/corrected tree several years ago, but had access problems.

There are some websites that allow others to make additions or corrections to posted trees. I would live in fear of having well-meaning souls add incorrect data to what I have posted. I would have to opt for a "private tree" on or a similar site. My other choice would be a site that doesn't allow changes to be made without my permission.

I may eventually choose to publish additions and corrections to my 2009 hardcover genealogy or convert to a webpage with password access. I'm not sure which. The latter would probably be best. I probably won't live forever.

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