Friday, September 16, 2016

Looking at the names of the children

In determining the parentage of Anne Thorowgood Keeling Jermy Bray, one of the factors I looked at was the names of the children. It was common during the 17th and 18th centuries [and still is] for children to be given family names.

Little solid evidence exists for the Keeling side of the family. Thomas' parents were believe to be named John and Alice.

Anne's family offers a much richer selection to choose from. [The Thorowgood and Meautis families should be ready to post soon.]

The confirmed children of Thomas and Anne and who they might have been named for:
[1] Anne: Anne herself, as well as her paternal grandmother [Anne Edwards].
[2] Thomas: His father.
[3] Adam: Anne's uncle, who was a neighbor in Virginia and captain of the ship that brought them to the colony.
[4] Edward: Anne had an uncle Edward.
[5] Alexander: ?? [maybe a Keeling name.]
[6] Sarah: ?? [maybe a Keeling name.]
[7] Frances: Anne's mother [Frances Meautis].
[8] Thorowgood: Anne's family surname.
[9] Elizabeth: possibly Anne's maternal grandmother [Elizabeth].

There were three children named in several trees, but not confirmed in documents:
[1] Leonard: unknown
[2] Jane: unknown
[3] John: Ann's father and Thomas' father.

Examining the names of the kids is not solid evidence, but it is a tool!

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