Saturday, August 20, 2016

Ohio: Was settling there a law?

Many years ago at a national genealogy conference, I joked with the staff at the Ohio Genealogical Society booth that it must have been required for families to settle in Ohio before heading on to Indiana or points further west. They agreed it should have been law.

Ohio was home to a number of my families before they permanently settled in Indiana. A few missed Ohio by one state - they called Kentucky home before migrating to the Hoosier State.

Clark, Crail, Crousore, Faucett, Hurin/Mahurin, Jennison, Miller, Moore, Prall, Reel, Reeder, Simmons, Smith, St. John and Wolary were Ohioans before becoming Hoosiers. Some of the families were joined in marriage before moving to Indiana.

Barlow, Cawby, Gulley, Land and Trisler were Kentuckians before crossing the Ohio River into Indiana.

The families that settled Kentucky came from Virginia. A few had spent time in Maryland or Pennsylvania first.

Ohio families came from New York, New England, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, the Carolinas, Virginia and even Kentucky.

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