Friday, August 19, 2016

Coming to America wrap-up

By the end of the Great Migration [1642] 59 of the 60 families that were to settle in the Plymouth or Massachusetts Bay colonies had arrived. The other family arrived about 50 years later.

There were roughly 90 families that came from western Europe and Great Britain to make their homes in America. 74 arrived during the 17th century, 11 followed during the 18th century and the final 4 arrived between 1830 and 1852.

New Netherland/York saw 13 families reach her shores. 12 arrived by the 1750s and the other a century later.

The stretch from 1680 to 1699 saw a flood of arrivals in Pennsylvania, mostly Quakers [English and Welsh.]

Probably the most scattered pattern was in Virginia: the 1630s to the 1720s. Several of the Quaker families would also make Virginia their home during the 1700s.

The English populated Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay, with a few Scots or Scots-Irish mixed in.

New Netherland was to be the home of Dutch and Walloons, with one family of Swedes added. A handful of English came in after Britain took control in 1664 and 1673.

Although a couple of Irish Protestant families arrived early on, my Irish Catholic ancestors didn't arrive until the 19th century.

The families that I don't have arrival dates for were English, German, Scots, Irish or Scots-Irish in origin and were Americans by the 1770s.

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