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As frequently mentioned in previous posts, my ancestors decided on Indiana as their home. We missed statehood by a few years.

The Faucetts, led by 73 year-old patriarch John, settled on tracts in Marion and Hendricks counties in 1824. They were joined by the Clarks about a decade later.

The Crails probably came up through southeastern Indiana into Ohio during the early 1800s before going back to Indiana during the early 1850s. [There were brief forays into Ontario and Chicago.]

The Crousore-Smith-Reeder-Reel contingent swung through Rush, Madison and Delaware counties before calling Howard County home about 1847-49.

Catherine O'Neil arrived a few months after landing in NY City in 1852.

The Wolarys came to Grant County during the 1850s, but returned to Ohio about 1864.

The Pralls arrived in Grant County about 1877; also a return for a recently married Wolary.

Although the Simmons family is recorded in SE Indiana in 1820, it would be the 1840s before the family would settle here full-time. [Henry, Tipton and Howard counties]

The McHugh clan came to Indiana from Chicago about 1912/3. A recent McHugh-Crail marriage and job transfer led to the move.

The Cawbys and Trislers were in Indiana from Kentucky by 1850.

The Gulley family left Kentucky during the 1820s and settled in Decatur Co.

Between 1882 and 1913 the families found their way to Indianapolis.

Marriages: Gulley/Cawby; Faucett/Clark; Faucett/Cawby; Crail/O'Neil; Crousore/Simmons; Simmons/Crail; McHugh/Crail [in Chicago]; Prall/Faucett; Prall/McHugh and here I am! :)-

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