Monday, August 22, 2016

Catching up on research: You never know what you'll find!

I finally managed to sort through a pile of notes, documents and miscellaneous papers. Among the families I now get to work on are Land, Very, Twiss, Dally, Crail, Prall, Faucett, plus a few others.

I started going through the Land material and may have opened an interesting can of worms! I may be adding a few prominent Virginia families to the mmix - subject to solid documentation. They are mostly English in origin; although a Scottish couple could be factored in. Keeling and Thorowgood appear to be two of the more interesting families. Adam Thorowgood/Thoroughgood was a prominent early settler the colony. Thomas Keeling married his daughter, Ann.

The Jamestown Society page offers a few promising leads.

More when I update the families that needed additional research and upates.

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