Saturday, August 13, 2016

Coming to America: 1642 - 1700

The colonies continued to grow during the latter half of the 17th century with new groups being represented.

1640 - 1675: Heavy import of indentured servants to [primarily] the South continues. The slave trade continues as well.*

1650 - 1664: Protestants from The Netherlands, Northern France, Wallonia and Flanders [Belgium], fleeing from Catholic rule in the Low Countries, establish settlements around New Amsterdam, on Staten Island and in the Hudson River Valley.*

1664: British take control of New Netherland and former Swedish territory from the Dutch, renaming the colony and it's capital, New York and New York City. Dutch regain control, but permanently lose the colony in 1763.*

1667 - 1681: Quakers from England settle in West Jersey.*

1682: William Penn established the colony of Pennsylvania as a haven for Quakers.*

1682 - 1700: Quaker immigration continues from British Isles.*

1683: Germans and Dutch settle in Germantown area near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.*

1680s -1700: Immigration from British Isles continues.*

*During this period many of my Huguenot and Dutch Reformed ancestors settled in New Netherland/New York. My Welsh Quakers arrived late in the century. A few families arrive from the Ulster province of Northern Ireland. Ancestral families in the colonies at about 80%, maybe higher!

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