Thursday, June 23, 2016

Virginia Bound

Back about 2002/3 my target destination was Virginia and my Quaker and Swiss ancestors. Several of my Quaker families [English & Welsh] settled in the Welsh Tract in PA for a time in the late 1600s before migrating to Frederick Co., VA. The Swiss Lutherans also started in PA & then moved on to Frederick Co.

I contacted a local resident with whom I had corresponded & met with him for awhile. That helped orient me to the area. The Welsh Quaker Rogers & the Swiss Rinkers were major land holders in the area. The families intermarried -ending the Quaker line - and my branch eventually went to Ohio.

I was ablei to visit the Quaker Burying Ground near Gainsboro where both families are buried.

The Hadley Library staff in Winchester was extremely helpful & I was able to gather quite a bit of new info on my Frederick Co. ancestors.

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