Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Sometimes online census indexes are wrong

OK, I know that never happens. All census indexes are flawless. Humor aside now. I had spent several years trying to find the wives of John Crousore and son Jacob. I knew Jacob was married in Ohio, but that was about it. The name was not indexed correctly in 1820, so knowing Salt Lake had the census books, off I went. Jacob was my mission at the SLIG a few years ago.

I found the family in Clinton Co., OH. I had Annie/Anny as the first name of the Mrs. No Annie/Jacob marriages. There was a Jemima Smith marriage. I investigated. She looked promising.

The family was in Delaware Co., IN by 1830. Deeds gave me more! Ama Jemima Crousore! Wait! My ggm was Ama Jemima Simmons Crail! She was named for her grandmother!

Further research in SLC and Clinton Co., OH gave me Ama/Amy's brother [John Smith, of course], a new sister for Jacob [Elizabeth, married John Smith] and William and Elizabeth [Reel] Smith, the parents! The Crousore, Smith, Reel and Reeder migrated to Rush, Delaware, Madison and Howard Counties.

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