Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Locating the family homesteads

About three or four years ago I decided to go to the Danville Library to see if I could locate the tracts of land once owned by my Faucett families. With the help of the library genealogist, I was able to locate the land.

I drove around to see what was there now. At the corner of Morris & Raceway was John Faucett's farm, now a housing edition just inside the Marion Co. line. The tract shared by Joseph Faucett & his two brothers-in-law was on the opposite corner. It's now a small farm. Joseph moved a few years after his father died. That farm is also a housing edition at the corner of 100N & 950E not too far from the Avon WalMart.

If you live near ancestral land, see where it is.

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