Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Back to Kokomo: My most recent adventure

I had the opportunity to research at the Kokomo-Howard Co. Public Library last Wednesday. I was hoping to find some new info on my Crousores, but they were in the area too early to generate many resources.

I did make a couple of nice discoveries though.

(1) 1889 Kokomo directory entry for James 'Crait' [misspelling for 'Crail']: Blacksmith.

(2) Rush Co. marriage for Katherine Crousore

(3) Reference to the marriage application for James Crail & Mima Simmons at Tipton. That document should contain some interesting information.

(4) John T. Simmons [Mima's father] was buried in Sharpsville Cemetery. The record I had was Sec. 1 Row 24 in an unmarked grave. At the bottom of his obit someone wrote  Sec. 1 Row 33, between graves 1 &2. Was that an error, or did John decide to relocate himself?

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