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Updating Families Since 2009

Back in 2009, Gateway Press published my Prall, McHugh, Faucett, Crail & Allied Families: The Story of My Ancestral Heritage, a two volume family history. As thorough as I tried to be, I left out a couple of families. Since 2009 research has allowed me to add new families and add new information on families included in the book.

I will spend the next few weeks posting the stories of those families generation by generation. Sources will be included at the end of each family's report. The reports have been generated with my RootsMagic software program.

The Ballinger Family:

First Generation

1.  Henry Ballinger Sr.13 was born about 1660 in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, England.2,45   He signed a will on 6 Mar 1727 in Burlington Co., New Jersey.7 He had his estate probated on 10 Apr 1733 in Evesham, Burlington Co., New Jersey.7 Henry died about Apr 1733 at the age of 73 in Evesham, Burlington Co., New Jersey.8 The following information is from "Three Centuries of Ballingers": According to George Decou, in "Moorestown and Her Neighbors" [p. 120], Henry Ballinger was of French Huguenot descent. He was one of five brothers living in France. One brother was burned at the stake and another was hanged. The three surviving brothers made their way to America.
Evi, or Ive, Belangee arrived at Egg Harbor, NJ in 1675. He settled on a farm which bordered Belangee's [Evi's] Creek and became the founder of the Pennsylvania branch of the family. Andrew settled in Virginia, arriving with the second German colony in 1717. Henry, the third brother, settled in New Jersey.

Lanson B. Harvey, in his pamphlet,
"The Ballinger Family - 1600-1900", states that, according to London genealogist Joseph English, Henry Ballinger was born in Benninghamshire*, England about 1660. The Ballingers moved to Nailsworth in Gloucestershire. The village is located in the Cotswold Hills, west of Gloucester and south of Stroud, on the road from Cheltenham to Bath. At a Nailsworth Quaker meeting Henry Ballinger made known his intention to wed Mary Harding.
Mary Harding was the daughter of Thomas and Eleanor Harding. The Hardings were part of the 1677 Quaker migration to West Jersey. On the return voyage of "
The Kent" in 1678, Henry Ballinger secured passage to America. On 4 September 1684, Henry and Mary were married at the Burlington Meeting.
Henry earned a reputation for industry and integrity. He was elected to the Assembly in 1697 and was appointed soecial [sic] tax collector for his hometown of Evesham in May 1701.

Supporting information for a Huguenot origin of the Ballinger comes from
"Huguenot Refugees in the Settling of Colonial America", 1993, ed. by Peter Steven Gannon: [Unable to find any mention of Andrew Ballanger.] [p. 309 & 364] Ballanger, Ives [Bellangee, Belangee]: Poitu [Fr.]; England; VA [before 1690]; Little Egg Harbor, NJ; d. 1720, NJ. [p. 364] Ballangee, Henri [Ballinger, Bellinger]: Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, England; Evensham Twp., Burlington Co., NJ [c. 1690]; d. 1733.
Henry Ballinger may have had Huguenot ancestry, if so, the family settled in England in the early 1600s or before. His parentage and place of birth are unknown. There is no shire [county] of Bennington or Benningham. This was perhaps the name of his hometown or parish.

His birth year of 1660 is agreed upon by most sources. Henry did reside in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, England, where he witnessed marriages during the 1670s. His arrival in America would therefore have been during the early 1680s. His marriage to Mary Harding on 4 November 1684 at the Burlington MM. Henry and Mary [Harding] Ballinger lived out the rest of their lives in Burlington County, New Jersey. Henry died in 1733 and Mary

Whatever the case, Henry Ballinger left England for America sometime before 1684 and established himself in Burlington Co., New Jersey. here he joined the Burlington Monthly Meeting and married Mary Harding. Their children were born in Burlington and the couple died there. Two of their sons, Henry and Josiah ventured out to the Quaker settlements of Maryland, Virginia, and the Carolinas.

Henry and Josiah Ballinger from near Salem, West Jersey settled in the upper parts of Prince George's County, Maryland, near Monoquesey [Monocacy] Creek in 1725. James Wright, William Beals, and others from Nottingham followed shortly
  thereafter. The settlers applied to New Garden Monthly Meeting "for liberty to hold a meeting for worship on first days, which was granted, and held at the house of Josiah Ballinger, and others till the year 1736" when they purchased land and built a meeting-house, which was called Cold-Spring meeting-house. The name was later changed Monoquesy Meeting House.[Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy: Virginia - Loudon County]

Henry Ballinger Sr. and Mary Harding were married on 4 Nov 1684 in Burlington MM, Burlington Co., New Jersey.3,7 Mary Harding, daughter of Thomas Harding and Eleanor Bagwell, was born in 1663 in England.9 She died in 1739 at the age of 76 in Evesham, Burlington Co., New Jersey.10 She was also known as Mary Ballinger.3,7

Henry Ballinger and Mary Harding had the following children:

              2              i.   Thomas Ballinger, born 13 Jun 1685, Evesham, Burlington Co., New Jersey; married Elizabeth Elkington, 28 Mar 1712/3, Northampton Twp., Burlington Co., New Jersey; died 14 May 1739, Burlington Co., New Jersey?.

              3             ii.   Elizabeth Ballinger, born Mar 1687/8, Burlington Co., New Jersey; married Henry Willard, 1724, Burlington Co., New Jersey.

              4            iii.   Mary Ballinger, born abt 1689, Burlington Co., New Jersey; married John Rathmell, 24 Apr 1723, Evesham MM, Burlington Co., New Jersey; married Thomas Garwood, 4 Nov 1733, Haddonfield MM, Camden Co., New Jersey.

              5            iv.   Amariah Ballinger, born 1 May 1691, Burlington Co., New Jersey; married Elizabeth Garwood, 8 Nov 1725, New Jersey; died 12 Feb 1746/7, Gloucester Co., New Jersey.

              6             v.   Joseph Ballinger, born abt 1693, Burlington Co., New Jersey; married Charity Wade, abt 1726, Goochland Co., Virginia; died 19 Feb 1744/5, Goochland Co., Virginia.

              7            vi.   Henry Ballinger Jr., born 24 Aug 1695, Burlington Co., New Jersey; married Hannah Wright, 18 Aug 1726, East Nottingham Twp., Chester Co., Pennsylvania; died 4 May 1774, New Garden, Guilford Co., North Carolina.

              8           vii.   Rebecca Ballinger, born abt 1696, Burlington Co., New Jersey; married Nathan Haines, 5 Feb 1725, Burlington Co., New Jersey; married Francis Harding, 9 Apr 1715, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania.

              9          viii.   Josiah Ballinger Sr., born abt 1697, Burlington Co., New Jersey; married Mary Wright, 31 Aug 1727, Monocacy Valley, Frederick Co., Maryland; died abt 7 Dec 1748, Frederick Co., Virginia.

           10            ix.   Esther Ballinger, born abt 1700, Burlington Co., New Jersey; married John Butterworth, abt 1720, Burlington Co., New Jersey.

                             x.   Hannah Ballinger was born about 1701 in Burlington Co., New Jersey.7 She died on 10 Feb 1783 at the age of 82 in Burlington Co., New Jersey.7,9

                            xi.   Ruth Ballinger was born about 1703 in Burlington Co., New Jersey.9

           11           xii.   John Ballinger, born abt 1705, Burlington Co., New Jersey; married Mary Ridgeway, 10 Jan 1718, Haddonfield MM, Camden Co., New Jersey; died 1721, Burlington Co., New Jersey.

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