Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Great Migration: Puritans and Congregationalists

The Puritans were part of the Congregationalist Church along with the more extreme Separatists discussed earlier. They wanted to "purify" the Church of England - remove the Catholic aspects of the Church.

The Winthrop Fleet arrived in Boston in 1630 and marked the influx of Puritan settlers whose descendants would attend the Congregationalist Churches in the New England colonies.

Among those who made their homes in Massachusetts and other New England colonies were Zaccheus Curtis, Richard Dodge, Thomas French, Thomas Howlett, Edmund Lockwood, John Maverick, Francis Newcomb, Richard Olmstead, Francis Peabody, Richard Scofield, William Towne, Humphrey Turner and Samuel Wakeman.

Many would remain with the church for several generations until sons and daughters moved west into New York, Ohio and Indiana. Most would become Methodists by the early 1800s.

Excluded from this list are those families that followed Roger Williams to Rhode Island.

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