Monday, February 15, 2016

The Methodist Church: The Melting Pot

Lutheran, Reformed, Presbyterian, Baptist, Catholic, Quaker, Universalist, Gortonite,  Mennonite, Separatists, Puritans, Anglicans. For the most part, they became Methodists after the American Revolution and as they moved west into Ohio and Indiana.

Isaac Rittenhose Prall married Ann Bathia Rhodes in 1828 in Harford Co., MD. Ann's parents Zachariah Rhodes and Harriet Cunningham of Baltimore were Methodists. Isaac and Ann's descendants continued as Methodists for at least three generations.

John Rogers and Mary Rinker joined the Methodist Church after they married in 1787 in Frederick Co., VA. Their daughter, Elizabeth and her husband Henry Wolary continued along that path. Henry was a trustee of the church in Unionopolis, Auglaize Co., OH. Son William married Sarah Hubbard. Their daughter, Margaret married Hugh McDonald Prall. They attended the Methodist Church in Marion and Herbst [Grant Co.], IN

John Faucett took his family from western Pennsylvania to SW Ohio [Warren Co.] and on to Marion and Hendricks Co., IN. Son Joseph married Rebecca Hurin. Their son, Benjamin F. Faucett married Nancy Clark. Charles Faucett married Lizzie Cawby. These folks all attended the Shiloh Methodist Church in Washington Twp., Hendricks Co., IN.

The Faucetts [Mayme] and Pralls [William Marshall] married in Indianapolis.

The McHugh, Simmons and Crail families, my maternal line] kept other faiths in the mix: Catholic and Episcopal.

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