Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Society of Friends: Quakers Migrating From Pennsylvania to Virginia and a Plymouth Line

The majority of my Quaker ancestors followed roughly the same path, arriving in Philadelphia, settling nearby, then heading south through Maryland into Virginia. One notable exception was Arthur Howland, Sr. Arthur arrived in Plymouth about 1640. He followed two brothers, John, a passenger on the Mayflower, and Henry, who arrived in the early 1630s. Arthur and Henry were Quakers.

Arthur and Henry were frequently fined due to their beliefs and activities. Arthur settled in Marshfield. His son, Arthur, Jr. really caused a ruckus by marrying Elizabeth Prence, daughter of the staunchly anti-Quaker Plymouth governor Thomas Prance. The Howlands continued to face fines and arrest for violating the religious doctrines of the colony.

Mary, daughter of Arthur and Elizabeth, married Henry Goddard, a Quaker weaver and lived in Jamestown, RI. The faith of John Wall who married Susanna Goddard is not known. Chances are he was not a Quaker. Susanna Wall married Captain Holden Rhodes. Their son, Zachariah, married in the Methodist Church.

Robert ap Hugh  [Pugh] and his wife Sarah Evans were natives of Merionethshire, Wales and arrived in Philadelphia in 1698. They settled on the "Welsh Tract" in Gwynned, Montgomery Co., PA. Daughter Ellen married John Rogers.

John, son of Roger ap Roberts, arrived with his family in Philadelphia about 1698. The Rogers-Pugh family moved to Frederick Co., VA about 1742. Evan Rogers married Sarah Ballinger in 1749.

Sarah Ballinger was the daughter of Josiah Ballinger and Mary Wright. Josiah's father, Henry settled in Burlington Co., NJ, where he married Mary Harding,  daughter of devout London Quaker Thomas Harding. The Ballingers and Hardings arrived in Pennsylvania with William Penn. Mary Wright was the daughter of Quaker minister James Wright and Mary Bowater or Davis. James and Mary settled in East Nottingham, Chester Co., PA. During the late 1720s they moved to the Monocacy Settlement in Frederick Co., MD. Brother Josiah and Henry Ballinger settled at Monocacy as well. The Ballingers and Wrights moved on to Frederick Co., VA.

John Rogers, son of Evan and Sarah, married widow Mary Rinker and was reported for marrying out of unity. The daughter of John and Mary, Elizabeth Rogers married Henry Ullery/Wolary. They attended the Methodist Church. The Wolarys moved to Auglaize Co., OH about 1820, where they remained active in the Methodist Church.

William Wolary married Sarah Hubbard and they spent time in both Ohio and Grant Co., IN. Daughter Margaret Jane married Hugh M. Prall. Their son, William Marshall Prall would carry the family line to Indianapolis.

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