Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Twiss, Very, Nurse & MacCallum

The week in Salt Lake brought about a few revelations. Not being terribly familiar with the towns/cities of Massachusetts, except when they pop up where ancestral families are concerned, I learned a few things about Essex County.

(1) Salem and Danvers [old Salem Village] are separated by the town of Peabody [pronounced pay-body].
(2) Saugus, technically the home of the Lynn Iron Works, broke off from Lynn to become its own village.
(3) Peabody, at one time part of Salem, was home to the Twiss and Very families.
(4) Humphrey's Pond [now Suntaug Lake] overlapped the boundary between Saugus-Salem and Lynn.
(5) The pond figures into a Twiss deed or two as a boundary.
(6) Somewhere in all of this lies the home of Malcolm MacCallum - which I have yet to locate.
(7) The Twiss property may be a key. Peter Twiss, Sr. married Ann, daughter of Malcolm. Peter was a farrier with dealings with the Iron Works, where Malcom worked. Ann's children married into the Nurse, Aborn, Pudney, Very and Douty families.
(8) Twiss and Joseph Douty purchased part of the Homphrey grant. Other families were nearby.

Now all I have to do is sort all of the details out and make a few contacts in Essex County to piece together the story.

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