Tuesday, January 26, 2016

SLIG Report - Part V: Twiss

History of Salem: Peter Twiss, yeoman and farrier, married Anne Callum on 26 October 1680, living in Salem  in 1714. Children: (1) Peter Twiss, born September 1681, married Sarah Nurse 20 December 1699. (2) Anne Twiss, born 22 May 1683. (3) Edward Twiss, born 29 June 1685, married Hannah Eborne of Lynn 8 February 1708/9. (4) John Twiss, born 24 January 1687/8, married Abigail Putney 20 November 1718. (5) Daniel Twiss, born 9 June 1690. (6) Mary Twiss [twin], born 11 January 1693/4. (7) Sarah Twiss [twin], born 11 January 1693/4, married Thorndike Very. (8) Martha Twiss, born June 1697, married Jonathan Nurse. (9) William Twiss, born 9 March 1700/1, husbandman, married Lydia Marsh 9 January 1723/4, Mary Doughty 6 June 1728. [p. 157]

The Peabody Story: Peter Twiss and Joseph Douty purchased part of the Humphrey grant in the early 1700s from James Menzies. The Douty and Twiss families were members of the first South Church established in Peabody in 1711 and listed in the first seating in the church records.

The Twiss family lived in the old Collins house on Lake Street. Both the Twiss and Douty families appeared on the 1752/3 highway tax lists. Members of both families served as constables for the collection of taxes.

In 1798, William Twiss owned the old Collins house. It had an area of 836 square feet, with two stories, six windows, 35 square feet of glass, built of wood and valued at $105. Peter Twiss and Joseph Douty were joint owners of a house in the same area valued at $150. [p. 75]

The old Mansfield house was  partly built in 1680 by Col. Bartholomew Gedney. The house had a room on each side of the front door which faced due South. Andrew Mansfield added to the house by adding the width of one room to the east side. This house was lived in by Peter Twiss for a time. [p. 81]

Peter Twiss, Jr. owned land in the Stones Plain area which he sold, with the frame of a house, to Jonathan Southwick in 1735. Twiss also had property in West Peabody, by Suntaug Lake, which he acquired from Joseph Douty in 1723. [p. 144]

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