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SLIG Report - Part VI: Twiss [cont'd]


Essex County Deeds:

Book 42:171 - 23 March 1723/4: Joseph Douty to Peter Twiss, Jr. of Salem: 6 acres bordered on the west and south by Peter Twiss, Sr.; on the east by Peter Twiss Jr.; on the north by Salem Common Land. Sale approved by Thomas McIntire.

Book 42:172 – same date: Peter Twiss, Sr. to Peter Twiss, Jr.: For the sum of £14 for 9 acres bordered on the north by Peter Twiss, Sr.; on the east by land formerly owned by Joseph Douty; on the south by Humphrey’s land; on the west by Samuel Pudney. Signed by mark: Peter and Anna Twiss.

Book 49:97-98 – 8 April 1725: Samuel Pudney to Peter Twiss, Jr.: For the sum of £392 for 81 acres and 1029 rods of upland and meadow in the towns of Lyn and Salem, bordered on the east by Peter Twiss, Sr. and James Gould and Peter Twiss Jr.; on the south by Mr Alford and Humphrey; on the north by John Pudney, dec’d and Jonathan Pudney.

Book 49:75-75 - ??/??/1725: Timothy Poole to Peter Twiss, Jr.: For the sum of £220 for 52 acres in Lyn bordered on the north partly by John and Eben Bancroft and William Eaton?; on the east by Eben Newhall; on the west partly by Robert Parker and Charlestown Land.

Book 108:88-89 – 20 May 1757: Peter Twiss, Sr. to Peter Twiss, Jr., both of Danvers. 7 acres in Lyn and Danvers bordered on the southwest by Daniel Mansfield, Jr.; on the northeast the end of Peter Twiss, Sr.’s land. Signed by mark of Peter Twiss, Sr. [Note: With this deed and the one that follows, we are dealing with the 2nd and 3rd Twiss generations. Peter, the immigrant died about 1743. Here we are dealing with his son and grandson.]

Book 108:59-90 – 6 June 1757 and 27 September 1757]: Peter Twiss, Sr. of Danvers to sons Jonathan and Peter Twiss of Danvers for the sum of £100 all real estate in Danvers and Lynn, including buildings, upland, meadow, wood and pasture, to be divided into equal halves. Signed by mark: Peter and Sarah Twiss.

Essex Genealogist, Vol 20, #4, November 2000: Lynn Squadrons Oath of Fidelity 1677: Edward Baker’s and William Merriam’s Squadron – there are 18 names on this militia list. #12 is Malcolm Macum and #18 is Peter Twist. [p. 197]

Essex Co., Massachusetts Probate File 28417: 6 February 1769: Peter Twiss, yeoman, died intestate, Danvers [note: most sources give Peter Twiss, Jr.'s death as "after 1757." This probate file narrows Peter's death date to late January to February 1-5, 1769.]

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