Saturday, January 23, 2016

SLIG 2016 Report [Part II]: More on the Very Family

Records & Files of the Quarterly Court of Essex Co., MA

Volume 8: Thomas Very and his wife were brought before the court for fornication before marriage and were fined. Thomas Very petitioned the court arguing that they were engaged to be married with the consent of their parents at the time of the incident. Thomas was the son of Samuell Very Sr. [June 1681] [p. 146]

Volume 8: Will of Bridget Giles of Salem, widow [14 Jan1668] names the following heirs: Samuell Very [20 shillings], Thomas Very [20 shillings], Mary Cutler, wife of Thomas of Redinge [40 shillings], Bridget Very, daughter of Thomas [one cow due when she becomes 18 or gets married], Eliazer Giles [a 10 acre lot and her meadow land], John Giles [all remaining property]. John . Giles named administrator. Wit. John and James Browne. [p. 55-56]

Will of Samuel Very of Salem, about 64 years [3 Jan 1683/4] names the following heirs: Wife Allice [dwelling house, out-housing, all land except that of son Thomas, moveable goods and chattels], Benjamin Very [land and property bequeathed to mother upon her death, then to Samuell Very if Benjamin dies before age 21], Hannah and Mary Very [£10 each], John Very [piece of lowland on south side of river], Jonathan [piece of swampy land bordering Usall Wardall’s east boundary], Isack and Joseph [rest of land divided equally]. Executrix: Alice Very. Wit. Abraham Cole, Richard Croade. [p. 159-161]

Alice Very presented her husband’s will for probate on 20 March 1683/4. There was an objection made that three of her children, Samuel Very, Elizabeth Nurse and Sarah Cooke, were not mentioned in the will.  Alice promised that she would make her two daughters’ shares equal to that of their sisters [£10 each], if their husbands would agree to make no trouble. She and Samuel had come to a satisfactory agreement concerning his bequest. [p. 159]    

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