Friday, January 29, 2016

SLIG 2016 Wrap-up: Malcolm MacCallum remains a mystery

Over the years, some Problem Solving topics have been more successfully tackled than others. This year was one of the "others."

What I knew going in:
Malcolm MacCallum was a Scot taken prisoner at the Battle of Dunbar in 1650.
He was indentured to the Iron Works at Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1651.
He resided at the company's Hammersmith farm for 19 weeks in 1653, probably working the livestock.
About 1655/6, Malcolm married a woman named Martha, probably in Salem.
Between 1658 and 1670, the couple had five children: Mary, Ann, John, Callum/Caleb,  Daniel and Martha.
In 1657, MacCallum was a member of the Scots Charitable Society in Boston.
In 1677, he was listed in a local militia unit.
Daughter Ann married Peter Twiss, Sr. in 1680. The marriage is found in both the Salem and Marblehead records.
Peter Twiss had some dealings with the Iron Works as a farrier.

What I learned:
In 1653 an inventory was taken of the Lynn  Iron Works inventory. It included MacCallum  and the other Scots.
The 1677 militia unit included his future son-in-law, Peter Twiss, Sr.

What I think may be:
The MacCallums lived in closed proximity to Peter Twiss, either in Salem [that part that became Peabody] or Lynn.

To do  list:
Contact libraries in Essex County, MA [specifically in Salem, Danvers, Peabody, Lynn, Saugus and perhaps Marblehead.]

At least I was able to dig up some information on the Twiss, Nurse and Very families!

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